EOI Turning Conflict into Creative Outcomes Course 2016

Background Information

The workshop program: In leading change processes to drive improvements in patient safety it is common to meet resistance and in some cases direct conflict and opposition. Managing conflict in a way that releases creativity and builds more sustainable improvements is a goal for all leaders of change. This workshop explores the underlying causes of conflict and how to manage it so that it achieves positive outcomes and does not become corrosive in the workplace. Unchecked and unmanaged conflict can pose a hazard for patient safety and can derail improvement efforts. It can also be a source of stress for staff and lead to an increase in sick leave and high staff turnover.

The ACHS, as one of its offerings through the Improvement Academy, is looking to provide Turning Conflict into Creative Outcomes training workshops, in Australia and to international members.

Learning Objectives:

This is an interactive program.  At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the potential sources of conflict in the workplace;
  • Understand the role of managers in resolving conflict;
  • Know how to manage yourself in a conflict situation; and
  • Recognise and understand models for resolving conflict including: nominal group techniques, negotiation and consensus methods that build creative solutions and a way forward to achieve goals. 

Please note, this is not a poor performance management workshop 

                    Turning Conflict into Creative Outcomes 2016 

Who should attend?

The program is suitable for anyone involved in interdisciplinary health care including, but not limited to: Unit Managers, Clinical Managers, Medical Practitioners, Executive Team Members, Quality Coordinators and Quality and Risk Managers ACHS Surveyors and Healthcare Consumer Representatives.

Prior Learning


Improvement Academy Faculty

The ACHS has the capacity, through its membership and networks, to harness the skills and knowledge of senior managers and clinicians across the health system in all states and territories. The ACHS has drawn upon its ongoing relationship with these individuals to bring together a faculty with the relevant skills and experience to deliver this training. 


Participants will be assessed during the workshop in terms of their engagement and participation in the practical skills sets.

CPD Point

Participation in this program will qualify participants for continuing professional development hours, as required by their respective National Board.

ACHS certificate

Will be issued upon full completion of the course

To register your interest, please email and let us know:

  • your name
  • the name of  your organisation
  • your location including state
  • your best email contact details.

Email to: improvementacademy@achs.org.au

Last Review Date 02 September 2016

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