EQuIP5 Day Procedure Centres (DPC)

Overview of EQuIP5 for Day Procedure Centres                                          

EQuIP5 for Day Procedure Centres is a standards-based, continuous quality improvement framework that is conducted over a three-year cycle. EQuIP for Day Procedure Centres follows the structure of the ACHS Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP) designed to support organisations to develop and maintain a systematic way of operating which is monitored and evaluated on a continuous basis to achieve excellence.

The cycle of events in which Day Procedure Centres submit at least one activity every year of their three-year EQuIP5 for Day Procedure Centres membership is as follows:

Year 1:  Pre-Survey Assessment and Organisation Wide Survey.

Year 2:  Self-Assessment

Year 3:  Self-Assessment

To find out more about EQuIP5 for Day Procedure Centres contact a ACHS Customer Services Manager at csm@achs.org.au or phone ACHS on 02 9281 9955.

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Last Review Date 03 November 2014

The commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of the team ensured the site visit was conducted in a very professional manner, enabling a wide range of staff to meet the surveyors and engage with the process.

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