EQuIPNational is a four-year accreditation program for health services that will ensure a continued focus on quality across the health care organisation.

EQuIPNational provides a smooth transition for healthcare organisations that are required to comply with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS Standards) and wish to retain the organisation-wide evaluation and quality improvement program provided by EQuIP without duplication with the NSQHS Standards.

ACHS has tailored EQuIPNational to incorporate and complement the clinical focus of the ten NSQHS Standards with the same rating scale -Satisfactorily Met, Met with Merit and Not Metand terminology that aligns with the compliance requirements of the NSQHS Standards. 

EQuIPNational provides a further five standards that focus on the performance of non-clinical systems as part of a comprehensive organisation-wide assessment - the essential areas of service delivery, provision of care, workforce management, information management and corporate governance and safety.

ACHS member organisations will find the transition from EQuIP5 to the EQuIPNational program a seamless progression, with individualised, dedicated customer support and consultancy services as well as the continued added benefits of the ACHS Clinical Indicator program, ACHS guidelines, education services and specialised resources.

ACHS member organisations, required to comply with the NSQHS Standards from 1 January 2013, can automatically migrate their membership to EQuIPNational to continue the whole-of-organisation focus. Membership is for a four-year period with members submitting at least one quality activity each year. The four-year cycle includes an onsite Organisation-Wide survey and Periodic Review, linking the compliance requirements of the two sets of standards in to one process. ACHS is an approved accreditation agency for the assessment of the NSQHS Standards.

To find out more about EQuIPNational contact a ACHS Customer Services Manager on csm@achs.org.au or phone ACHS on 02 9281 9955.

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Last Review Date 15 October 2015

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Big thank you for the excellent webinar on NSQHS Standard 5 on Tuesday 17 March. The topic was presented in a very clear way with lots of examples of what surveyors would expect to see when on site.

Susan O’Kane-Powell
- Tasmanian Health Organisation - North West