Australasian Clinical Indicator Report

Every year, the Australasian Clinical Indicator Report lists collective performance against each of the ACHS Clinical Indicators. This report uses tables to summarise the ACHS Clinical Indicator Program, its membership, and any significant trends or variation in the data over time.

To capture the context and circumstances that influence the data, the ACHS relies on the expertise of the medical colleges, specialists societies and other clinical organisations with which it collaborates. Their comments and expert feedback follow the summaries of the data.

Reviewing trends and variation can suggest areas where there is greatest scope to improve practice.

Note: The hard copy of the Australasian Clinical Indicator Report 14th edition has an error on page 114. Expert commentary came from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, the Faculty of Radiation Oncology and not the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. ACHS apologises for any confusion.

Last Review Date 14 January 2014

Australian Clinical Indicator Report 2005-2012, 14th edition

Australasian Clinical Indicator Report 2004-2011, 13th edition

Australian Clinical Indicator Report 2003-2010, 12th edition

Statistical Methods

Retrospective ACIR data in full 2004-2011

Retrospective ACIR data in full 2005-2012

I have found ACHS training very useful in assisting me in reviewing workplace quality and safety systems and our organisation’s preparation for accreditation.

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