EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services

EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services is a four-year quality assessment and improvement accreditation program for organisations such as peak bodies, colleges and associations, which provide services to member organisations. The program's aim is to assist organisations to work towards excellence in governance, in order to support and facilitate high-quality service delivery.

Although the standards of EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services are derived from those of the parent EQuIP program, their focus is distinct from those developed for organisations delivering consumer / patient care.The key components of EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services include standards that the organisation works to achieve, yearly self-assessment, and biennial onsite surveys undertaken by experienced accreditation surveyors.

The Corporate Member Services program is currently undergoing revision to bring it into alignment with EQuIP5 and EQuIP5 Corporate Health Services. EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services will be implemented from 1 January 2013.

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Last Review Date 10 December 2012

EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services Guide

Table EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services Standards

Big thank you for the excellent webinar on NSQHS Standard 5 on Tuesday 17 March. The topic was presented in a very clear way with lots of examples of what surveyors would expect to see when on site.

Susan O’Kane-Powell
- Tasmanian Health Organisation - North West