Corporate and Governance

The ACHS, a company limited by guarantee, is governed by a Board of directors elected by Council members and supported by a corporate management system.

The Board is responsible to the Council for the direction of ACHS activities, and provides a report on performance at the ACHS Annual General Meeting.

Both bodies are guided by the Corporations Law and the Constitution of The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. The ACHS recently unanimously voted in a new Constitution at the June Council meeting, in 2017. Click here to download and read the new Constitution.

The Board has adopted statements of Vision and Mission  which are designed to determine the organisation's strategic direction, and has endorsed organisational values and behaviours which ensure that its operations are conducted in a manner that meets the highest standards of service.

Whilst the Board reviews and approves the organisation's strategic plan and guiding policy, day-to-day management of the organisation's affairs are delegated to the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive team.

The Board maintains currency of its understanding of ACHS operations through monthly meetings and meets regularly with major stakeholders.


Last Review Date 01 March 2018

I have been involved with Accreditation and the ACHS for 19 years and have found them to be a leading accrediting agency, if not the best for health care organisations.

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