The International Society for Quality in Health Care

ISQua, The International Society for Quality in Health Care, is a non-profit, independent organisation with members in over 70 countries. ISQua works to provide services to guide health professionals, providers, researchers, agencies, policy makers and consumers, to achieve excellence in healthcare delivery to all people, and to continuously improve the quality and safety of care.

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ISQua's Mission

Driving continual improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide through education, research, collaboration and the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge.

ACHS own external peer review

Just as our members are required to demonstrate a commitment to continuous quality improvement, so too we are expected to regularly undergo assessment by The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).

Our most recent independent assessment was held in November 2017 and ACHS was formally advised in early December 2017 that we had maintained our ISQua accreditation for another four years.

ACHS achieved an outstanding result in the ISQua International Accreditation Programme according to the ISQua surveyors.  Only two formal recommendations were made in the surveyor's assessment of ACHS against the International Standards for External Evaluation Organisations, 4th Edition.

At the ACHS staff summation conference the three ISQua accreditors; Steven Wilson, Carsten Engel and Anand Ramakrishna all complimented ACHS staff on the many areas across the Standards where they recognised a range of positive improvements.

“ACHS has demonstrated they are listening and have provided many examples of improvements to the accreditation process,” they said.

The survey took place in the week of 20th – 24th November.

The results of the validation panels were communicated to ACHS on 8 December and a copy of the final report received on 19 December.

Only two recommendations were made which ACHS will commence working on to improve in the near future.

ACHS Accreditation by ISQua

As part of its licence agreement with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Heath Care (ACQSHC), ACHS is required to be accredited itself by an external healthcare accreditation body.

ACHS has been involved with, and accredited by, ISQua since it’s inception in the mid-1980s.  ACHS is proud of its record of achievement in being consistently fully-accredited by an external body, and is currently accredited to the following programs;

  • ISQua Surveyor Training Programme – from May 2016 until April 2020
  • ISQua Organisation Programme -  International Standards for External Evaluation Organisations, 4th edition – from December 2017 – November 2020

ACHS also became an Institutional Member of ISQua for the first time in 2017, too.

Last Review Date 12 January 2018

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