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The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

Media Release Archive

Media Releases from 2013

21 February 2013

ACHS Releases New EQuIPNational Day Procedure Centres Standards

19 February 2013

First facility surveyed to the new NSQHS Standards

11 February 2013

2013 ACHS Masterclass: Back by Popular Demand

Media Releases from 2012

28 November 2012

ACHS Quality Improvement Awards Announced

26 November 2012

ACHS President and office bearers re-elected

23 November 2012

2012 ACHS Medal Award Winner Announced 

4 October 2012

National Health Indicator Report Shows Measurable Gains in Health Care 

27 September 2012

Hospital data is clean, accurate and central to reform 

25 September 2012

EQuIPNational to provide seamless transition to new health accreditation requirements  

24 September 2012

Hospitals can learn from Disney: author 

19 September 2012

Reform's shifting boundaries in health to be explored at national forum 

24 July 2012

Calling all Nominations for this year's ACHS Medal Winner 

30 January 2012

Putting Healthcare Accreditation Performance to the Test 


Media Releases from 2011     

28 November 2011

ACHS Quality Improvement Awards announced   

25 November 2011

ACHS Medal Award Winner announced  

25 November 2011

New ACHS President and Office Bearers 

12 October 2011

Australia's National Clinical Indicator Program results for 2003-2010 

7 October 2011

ACHS Gains Second Hong Kong Contract 

18 Feburary 2011

Improved Quality in Australian Hospitals Reported  


Media Releases from 2010 

15 December 2010

Clinical indicator release 

30 November 2010

ACHS Quality Improvement Awards announced 

12 October 2010

ACHS Chief Executive Brian Johnston receives ISQua Life Membership 

24 September 2010

ACHS appoints new Executive Director 

21 July 2010

Accreditation strengthens the focus on nutrition 

20 July 2010

Could you nominate the next ACHS Medal winner? 

26 May 2010

Australian healthcare body achieves international recognition 

1 February 2010

High Standards Recognised in Australia Day 2010 honours list 

27 January 2010

International experts provide direction for the next decade of healthcare 

14 January 2010

Australia a leading exporter of healthcare accreditation 


Media Releases from 2009 

9 December 2009

Accreditation performance highlights the need to evaluate care  

3 December 2009

Healthcare organisations increasingly measure care 

25 November 2009

ACHS recognises outstanding quality improvement in Australian healthcare 

10 September 2009

Input sought for Healthcare Standards review 

10 August 2009

ACHS to recognise outstanding contribution to quality in healthcare 

29 April 2009

ACHS Awarded Hong Kong Tender

23 February 2009

ACHS appoints Executive Director - Customer Services

20 January 2009

ACHS to host fourth annual Executive Masterclass Program


Media Releases from 2008 

3 December 2008

ACHS President and office bearers elected

27 November 2008

Report finds improvement in hospital data reporting

27 November 2008

ACHS recognises outstanding quality improvement in Australian healthcare

27 November 2008

2008 ACHS Medal to be awarded at Annual Dinner

30 October 2008

Shortage of skilled nurses is placing patients' lives at risk

29 October 2008

Moves to compare hospital performance may fail

28 October 2008

Patients must not go it alone in hospital: expert

28 October 2008

Hospital safety to get good examination

8 September 2008

Safety and quality takes centre stage at National Forum

30 July 2008

ACHS surveyor training received international recognition

14 July 2008

ACHS seeks to recognise healthcare leaders

30 May 2008

Single fee for Stage 1 accreditation for diagnostic imaging

16 May 2008

Diagnostic imaging services can now be accredited with the leading provider

27 April 2008

New Zealand implementing new healthcare standards with ACHS


Media Releases from 2007 

14 December 2007

Report on the potential to improve the quality of healthcare in Australia

29 November 2007

Peak health accreditation body appoints new Vice-President and Treasurer

28 November 2007

Awards acknowledge brightest lights in healthcare

8 August 2007

Report on accreditation performance of Australian healthcare organisations

8 August 2007

Health experts tackle patient safety at conference

6 August 2007

Best treatment is for doctors to follow protocol

5 August 2007

Safety and Quality conference

31 July 2007

Good health is co-production

11 July 2007

Healthcare organisations choose new standards

30 May 2007

Launceston General Hospital requests consumer review of their service

17 May 2007

ACHSI - First in Bahrian: American Mission Hospital achieves ACHSI accreditation

10 April 2007

Development of national standards for mental health services


Media Releases from 2006 

20 December 2006

Australian elected as Chair of Global Health Accreditation Federation

30 November 2006

ACHS awards Gold Medal: Professor Ross Holland

1 November 2006

ACHS announces winners of Quality Improvement Awards

22 August 2006

Report on the potential to improve of healthcare in Australia

17 August 2006

Divisions of General Practice embrace quality improvement

5 July 2006

ACHSI - India selects Australian healthcare accreditation

22 May 2006

Leading healthcare accreditation body achieves accreditation

27 March 2006

New partnership to improve safety and quality in healthcare

11 January 2006

Peak health care accreditation body appoints President

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