Training and Education

ACHSI provides an extensive range of general and customised educational and training activities on a wide range of subjects covering every aspect of accreditation and healthcare including:

  • clinical and corporate governance systems;
  • safety and  quality systems;
  • risk Management;
  • safety systems including occupational health and safety, environment and equipment management and waste management;
  • care planning including care pathways and the use of evidence;
  • infection control standards and systems;
  • information and documentation management systems;
  • introductory and advanced accreditation;
  • medication management;
  • consumer participation and engagement, and
  • credentialing and scope of clinical practice.

Each ACHSI topic is led by an ACHS Surveyor/Consultant with expert knowledge of the topic. Expertise is drawn from a large pool of consultants from Australia and Internationally.

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Last Review Date 06 November 2015

We found the ACHS team to be friendly, supportive and of great assistance.

Cheryl Lynn
Director - Premier Care