EQuIP Mandatory Criteria Performance Results

EQuIP Mandatory Criteria Performance Results

This page is designed to provide a snapshot of how member organisations have performed against the EQuIP Mandatory Criteria. These results are presented as a table outlining what percentage of members received what rating for each of the mandatory criteria and is updated on a quarterly basis. By opening the PDF documents available below, you will be able to compare your own organisation's performance results against the results of other EQuIP members.

A secure log-in is required for members to view this material as this information is only made available as a tool to assist EQuIP members in monitoring their own performance.

EQuIP5 Results:

Percentages of ratings to mandatory criteria for EQuIP5 OWS & PR surveys completed from 01 July 2011 to 31 October 2013.

EQuIP5 Mandatory Criteria Performance Summary

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