What is an Assessor?

An Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accreditation assessor is a health care professional trained by ACHS, to assess the performance of health care organisations against the standards of our accreditation framework (EQuIP) and the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

The total assessor division consists of around 400 experienced, senior health care practitioners (Directors, Executives and Medical Doctors) with recent and broad experience in health care. Assessors must have a strong working knowledge of health care accreditation frameworks and quality improvement.  

The majority of assessors are employed full-time within the health care sector and receive support from their employer to survey for ACHS.  We have a number of lead assessors with the aim of increasing inter-rater reliability (the consistency of decisions regarding assessment against accreditation standards). 

The assessors are trained and skilled in techniques which enable them to gather the relevant information to verify the health care organisation's achievement in the standards being assessed. 

The selection process ensures that assessors have at least five years of senior managerial experience in a health setting, and an excellent understanding of accepted industry standards and best practice.

The assessors may also play a consultative role and provide education for an organisation to understand how to progress on their quality journey while ensuring they meet the standards to the required level. 

The ACHS is also fortunate to be able to utilise the expertise of consumer assessors who participate as crucial members of the team. 

ACHS Assessor applications are currently closed and further advice will be provided when applications for the 2021 Assessor Competency Training (ACT) program reopen.


Last Review Date 25 September 2020

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