EQuIP6 Aged Care Standards sets the standard!

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ISQua, the international accreditation organisation which accredits ACHS have given their assessment of the EQuIP6 Aged Care Program under the heading ‘Exceptional Performance’.

Exceptional Performance

The structuring of the standards by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards is praiseworthy. There is a hierarchal framework starting with functions and ending with guidelines. At every step detail has been provided so that the standards are clear and are interpreted uniformly (criterion 1.9). The methodology used for the evaluation of scoring and subsequent improvements that have been carried out is worth emulating (criterion 2.4). The person-centred approach in the EQuIP6 Aged Care Service Standards is commendable, as well. Focus on all residents’ and families’ needs is evident in the standards.

Well done to our Development Unit for creating such a highly-regarded set of standards.

Last Review Date 18 April 2019

I have been involved with Accreditation and the ACHS for 19 years and have found them to be a leading accrediting agency, if not the best for health care organisations.

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