Acute Healthcare Services

The ACHS Improvement Academy was created to provide contemporary training programs that meet the needs of a dynamic and complex healthcare system in the Asia Pacific region.

For more than four decades, ACHS has had a defining role in the identification and promotion of quality and safety as critical components of a highly functioning system.

The ACHS Improvement Academy continues this legacy as it provides a strong role in developing and furthering the training opportunities in quality improvement and patient safety for the Australian and international healthcare workforce.

Central to this ambition is the ‘lead level’ program which is designed to increase the capability of senior clinical leaders and managers to drive capability of health systems, and secondly, to continually improve services for patients and their families for the six domains of quality: Access | Efficiency | Effectiveness | Safety | Consumer focus | Appropriateness

Improvement Academy Curriculum Framework

The ACHS Improvement Academy draws on the expertise of international best practice in curriculum frameworks for quality and safety education. This allows healthcare organisations to identify gaps in their staff’s skills level and knowledge and then build up the desired levels of innovation and improvement capability to drive patient safety and overall service improvement. This model focuses on three levels of capability building, as seen below:

Improvement Academy Curriculum Framework

Last Review Date 08 April 2021

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