Anthony Lock

Mr Anthony Lock

ACHS Faculty Member – Anthony Lock (Former RAAF Pilot)

In 2020 Anthony Lock joined the ACHS Improvement Academy as a faculty member providing training and advise on leadership and human factors. Anthony successfully completed the Quality Improvement Lead Training Program, graduating in 2020. Anthony’s project was titled: The Surgical Safety Checklist Initiative.

In 2017 Anthony was appointed as the Director of Patient Safety & Human Performance at Royal Perth and Bentley Hospital’s and led the development of Australia’s first hospital wide, Safety Critical Industry based, Human Factors training course – NEXUS.  In collaboration with experienced HF clinical and non-clinical staff, and researchers from the Universities of Western Australia and Curtin, NEXUS is proving to benefit not only patient safety but staff workplace satisfaction and assisting leaders throughout the organisation.  Anthony works in collaboration with the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission, the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards and the University Centre for Rural health in Lismore. 

Past career highlights

With over 6000 flying hours on various high-performance aircraft and working with Special Forces Teams around the world, Anthony has extensive experience within the military and aviation industries. During his military flying career, Anthony developed an expertise for working within high-stress situations, whether during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, humanitarian/peacekeeping missions throughout Asia or during instructional and training missions in Australia. During this time Anthony saw immense value in leadership and Human Factors (HF) training (Crew Resource Management) and became a HF specialist for fellow pilots and aircrew members. This also included work in automation management and engineering modifications of cockpit systems in single seat aircraft and critical mission system solutions in large transport aircraft. On leaving the RAAF, he flew for a well-known Australian airline where his HF experience and teachings was employed.

Current Leadership Roles

Founding Director, Nexus Human Performance Training Royal Perth Bentley Group

Managing Director of ASCEND – Human Performance and Leadership Development

RAAF, Reserve Squadron Leader Pilot

Air Transport Pilot’s License holder – Boeing 737 Domestic and International Operations

Last Review Date 29 September 2021

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