Mrs Helen Eccles


RN, BHA, Grad Cert PH, Grad Dip Ed, MN, MACN, Ass FACHSM

ACHS Consultant Surveyor / Educator.

Helen Eccles has over 40 year’s experience in health care as a clinician, educator, manager, and director of clinical services.  Her health leadership roles include Executive, Director of Nursing / Midwifery in public hospitals, Director of Learning and Development and Healthcare Consultant.

Helen’s passions include promoting patient safety and quality through clinical governance, partnering with consumers, evidence based practice, innovative leadership and management, creating an environment for professional growth and individualised development.

Helen is an experienced ACHS surveyor with a wide variety of survey experience across a range of healthcare settings. She is also an ACHS Educator and Faculty Member of the ACHS Improvement Academy.  Helen is involved in the development and provision of education programs for both surveyors and the healthcare industry in general.

   Helen Eccles

Last Review Date 29 November 2016

Always approachable and have high quality surveyors.

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