Dr Lynne Maher


RGN, BSc Hons, MBA, PhD

Director of Innovation, Ko Awatea, Auckland

Lynne Maher has had an extensive health care career ranging from critical care nursing, operational and board posts at local and national level. During this time she was able to support teams to create significant improvement in health systems. This has been specifically through her work on patient experience and co-design, creativity and innovation and sustainability for improvement.

Lynne has supported health systems in the NHS UK, Canada, Denmark, the Middle East and America. Lynne teaches on the Kaiser Permanente Improvement Institute and is an Advisory Board Member of the CORE Research Study on co-design at the University of Melbourne. She has authored numerous publications on healthcare improvement and has been a significant thought leader in health care improvement internationally.

  Lynne Maher

Last Review Date 26 April 2016

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