Ms Sandy Thomson



ACHS Consultant Assessor / Educator.

Ms Thomson is a Coordinator with The Australian Council on Health Care Standards with over 16 years of surveying experience covering organisations providing acute public, acute private, community, not for profit, prison health, mental health, regional and remote health services. Particular experience is coordinating large area health surveys.  Sandy has recently achieved fellowship with the Governance Institute of Australia and has co-authored the development of a Masters in Health Management Quality and Leadership Murdoch University and a Masters in Clinical Governance Edith Cowan University.

Ms Thomson’s experience in the health industry spans over 30 years in senior health services management roles, quality systems, clinical and corporate risk management and accreditation. Sandy is also a long-standing coordinator and surveyor with ACHS and has recently been appointed to the ACHS Academy to provide education on Version 2 of the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.   Scopes of surveys conducted range from public and private, community, mental health, rural / remote and the prison sector in Australia. International work has included Hong Kong.

   Sandy Thomson

Last Review Date 23 February 2021

We have developed a very good working relationship with ACHS and the team on the whole are very engaged and responsive to our requirements.

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