Mr Vince Gaglioti


RN, RM, Cert Paed Nursing, Cert Paed/Neonatal ICU, BHIthSc, MBA

ACHS Assessment Coordinator / Educator

Vince Gaglioti has been an assessor since 2015 and a coordinator assessor with ACHS since 2013. He was involved with being one of the key educators for Standard 9 under the first edition of the NSQHS. His further involvement with education has been undertaking tailored risk management and audit education sessions for both small and tertiary organisations. Vince furthermore has firsthand experience as a Consultant having undertaken needs analyses for organisations and implementing learning modules commensurate with the organisation. His experience as an assessor maintains his firsthand experience as to what organisations are seeking to learn.

  Vince Gaglioti

Last Review Date 23 February 2021

I have been involved with Accreditation and the ACHS for 19 years and have found them to be a leading accrediting agency, if not the best for health care organisations.

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