Release of New Workshop: Planning for Success


Assessment to the NSQHS Standards Second Edition

The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards were developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACQSHC) with the Australian Government, State and territory partners, consumers and the private sector. The primary aim of the NSQHS Standards is to protect the public from harm and improve the quality of health care. They describe the level of care that should be provided by health service organisations and the systems that are needed to deliver such care. The second edition of the NSQHS Standards was released in November 2017. Health service organisations will be assessed to the second edition from January 2019.

NSQHS Stds Second Editoin

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New Offering from the ACHS Improvement Academy

To assist organisations in preparing for their accreditation assessment the Academy has a new workshop releasing its new workshop: NSQHS Standards (second edition): Planning for Success. This new workshop will be available in all jurisdictions and can be accessed as either a Public workshop or Custom workshop.  For more information on dates, cost and locations for the Public workshops please go to Upcoming Events

For information on how to request a Custom workshop please go to Custom workshops and training programs. Custom workshops can be held for your own organisation's staff at a location within or close to your facility. 

NSQHS Standards 2nd Edition One Day Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the changes in the Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation Scheme and the NSQHS Standards second edition
  • Build in sustainability of the NSQHS Standards into the governance structure
  • Use the information that is acquired from normal business as assessment evidence

Who should attend?

Healthcare Executives, heads of department, senior clinicians and clinician managers, directors of clinical governance, patient safety and quality managers, ancillary staff, consumer representatives 

Prior learning

Desirable: experience of the previous NSQHS Ten National Standards

NSQHS Second Edition Workshop Facilitators

The facilitators of these workshops are experienced ACHS assesors and experienced workshop facilitators.

Continuing Professional Development

A certificate will be issued upon full completion of the workshop. This can be used as evidence of attendance for claiming CPD/CME points

ACQSHC Resources

The ACQSHC have a number of resources on their website, including NSQHS Standards Implementation Resources and an online Assessor Orientation Course, which is freely available for anyone who would like to learn about the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (second edition).

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