Patient Safety Lead Training Program

Patient Safety Lead Training Program - HAS MOVED INTO: 

Quality Improvement Lead Training – Enhancing Patient Safety 

Following three years of success with the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Lead training programs the ACHS Improvement Academy (IA) has refined this offering. Evaluation of both programs has now allowed us to offer the Australian health system a reworked program which includes both key concepts and principles of quality improvement and patient safety. This program also includes key clinical governance concepts, consumer engagement, and the PICMoRs framework which are new concepts in the NSQHS Second Edition Standards.

The QIL program is being offered as either a public or a custom training program for an individual hospital and health service. The IA has successfully completed a full QIL program for Austin Health in Melbourne (2018) and is currently conducting a similar program - Clinical Practice Improvement Lead (CPIL) training for Central Adelaide Local Health Network in SA (2018 - 2019). Both these organisations have focussed on improving patient safety, reducing cost and increasing consumer engagement through capacity and capability building in improvement science and enhanced patient safety theories into practice. 

For those individuals and/or organisations who require training programs in Root Cause Analysis (one day) and Open Disclosure (half day) this training will continue to be available as both public and custom workshops. 

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Last Review Date 03 July 2019

We have developed a very good working relationship with ACHS and the team on the whole are very engaged and responsive to our requirements.

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