ACHS is offering a one day Preparing for Survey Training Program

    Locations   Dates          Applications Close
Melbourne, VIC      Tuesday 25 July 2017      Wednesday 12 July 2017
Sydney, NSW      Thursday 24 August 2017      Wednesday 9 August 2017
Adelaide, SA       Tuesday 5 September 2017       Wednesday 23 August 2017
Brisbane, QLD      Tuesday 10 October 2017       Wednesday 27 September 2017
Perth, WA      Tuesday 8 November 2017       Wednesday 25 October 2017



Background Information

An important part of the any accreditation survey is the preparation and presentation of evidence.  This workshop will allow participants to understand the nature and types of evidence required to meet the national standards and also the best format for presentation.  It will also focus on ‘just enough evidence’ and the increasing requirements for evidence of improvement plans and measured improvement of quality and safety risks to patients/clients.   

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the program participants will have developed skills and knowledge to enable them to:

  • Understandwhich audits are needed to meet the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards
  • Knowwhich tools are available to assist in the audit process and where to locate them
  • Identifythe best evidence to show the actions in the NSQHS Standards are met
  • Be well preparedfor an upcoming NSQHS or EQuIPNational Standards survey

Who should attend?

Directors of Nursing, CEO/DONs, Quality and/or Safety Managers, Nurse Unit Managers, Clinical Unit Managers and Department Heads, Health Care Consumer Representatives. Any staff responsible for audits and survey preparation in a hospital, community or primary care setting.

Prior Learning

Health care background or experience

Improvement Academy Faculty

The ACHS has the capacity, through its membership and networks, to harness the skills and knowledge of senior managers and clinicians across the health system in all states and territories.  The ACHS draws upon its ongoing relationship with these individuals to bring together a faculty with the relevant skills and experience to deliver this training.


Participants will be assessed during the workshop in terms of their engagement and participation in the practical skill sets.

ACHS certificate

Will be issued upon full completion of the course

Last Review Date 07 July 2017

Big thank you for the excellent webinar on NSQHS Standard 5 on Tuesday 17 March. The topic was presented in a very clear way with lots of examples of what surveyors would expect to see when on site.

Susan O’Kane-Powell
- Tasmanian Health Organisation - North West