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Virtual interative training
Introduction to Patient Journey Mapping

Introduction to Patient Journey Mapping

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23 May 2023 - 21 Jun 2023, 11AM - 2PM
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One of the most important Design Thinking tools, Patient Journey Mapping, is a human-centred approach to process problem solving.

Putting you in the shoes of your patients to experience your service from their point of view, the patient journey framework is designed to highlight process, pressure and pain points experienced by your patients and where you can add value across your organisation/practice. Throughout the patient journey, you will identify how to gain insight into the patient experience and enhance trust. In addition, recognise opportunities to energise and engage employees to collectively deliver better patient outcomes, and learn how to increase the value of your brand and reputation across the wider community and the healthcare industry.

23 May 2023 (Session 1)
30 May 2023 (Session 2)
21 June 2023 (Session 3)

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Key Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the fundamentals of using a patient-centred journey mapping approach;
  • Identify and understand key patient segments (personas) and develop a detailed patient journey for a specific segment;
  • Learn how patient journey mapping helps you get deeper insights into patient needs, behaviour, experience, motivation and desired outcomes;
  • Understand how patients navigate their end-to-end journey and identify where you may be falling short, where silos exist, and interaction points can improve;
  • Identify the moments, metrics and outcomes that matter to patients and their care network.
Who should attend
  • Clinical managers and medical heads of departments
  • Surgical and procedural team leaders
  • Directors of patient safety
  • Patient safety officers
  • Frontline clinicians who provide care and services to patients.
Ms. Shelley Thomson
Director, Experience 360
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What previous participants have said
"A whole new way of thinking from what we traditionally do in health services. Patient journey mapping is critical to understanding what our consumers/patients/clients need rather than what we think they need. Great workshop - everyone should do this." Sharyn, Quality Improvement Consultant
"This workshop was one of the most exciting sessions I have attended in a very long time. I found myself with newfound confidence in adopting better strategy, innovation and change methodologies after each session. It is a complex topic but I am confident that I can get buy-in from management and influence change in my organisation and most importantly improve our patient centred care goals and objectives."  Natasha D, Quality Manager

"This training was very insightful and engaging. The trainer was very knowledgeable and attended to our questions." Senior AOD Treatment Worker
"Great session that challenges current practices of solution focused planning to consumer focused. The sessions introduced an easy and adaptable way to approach gaining consumer involvement and utilising their lived experiences in quality improvement for services." Debbie Zygadlo, Quality Manager, St Bart's
"I really enjoyed the content, the resources, the human centred approach and the networking. Highly recommended." Cayte Hoppner, Chief Operating Officer, Forensicare
"This workshop/training was one the best I have attended in a very long time. I had pursued a "Leading by Design" course years ago and it is finally making sense from an implementation perspective through these fabulous sessions! A must for anyone in healthcare with an interest in improvement, safety and quality or other managers looking to improve patient experience. Completely changed how I look at consumer engagement and focusing on a journey based approach and leading not only by effective design but also leading by empathy! Thank you again." Natasha Desai, Quality Manager