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Member Masterclass with Dr Nick Watts

Member Masterclass with Dr Nick Watts

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26 Apr 2023, 5:00pm - 6:30pm
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This Masterclass is free and exclusive to ACHS members. Hear from Dr Nick Watts, Chief Sustainability Officer, NHS, England.

Our Improvement Academy Director, Assoc Prof Bernie Harrison, will be in conversation with Dr Watts on the topic of 'What can healthcare organisations do to address climate change?'

Places are limited, so register your interest now to secure your spot. The session will be recorded. If you are unable to join us live, you will have access to the recordings once published.

We welcome all ACHS Members to join this free Masterclass and you are welcome to share information about this event with colleagues in your organisation.

If you have any enquiries about the Masterclass series, please contact us at

About Dr Nick Watts
Dr Watts is the Chief Sustainability Officer of the NHS, responsible for its commitment to deliver a world-class net zero emission health service. Based in London, he leads the Greener NHS team across the country, which focuses on improving the health of patients and the public through a robust and accelerated response to climate change and the broader sustainability agenda.

Nick is a medical doctor licensed in Australia and the UK, and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians’ Faculty of Public Health. 

Prior to the National Health Service, Nick worked internationally as the Executive Director of the Lancet Countdown and the Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change, a collaboration of UN agencies and academic centres across the world. He has also focused on engaging the health profession on the links between public health and climate change, having founded both the Global Climate and Health Alliance and the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change. 

Associate Prof Bernie Harrison
Director, Improvement Academy
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  • The impacts of climate change on healthcare systems
  • The broad trajectories and emissions profiles required
  • The key deliverables needed to ensure in-year emissions reductions