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Acute Healthcare
Open Disclosure (Hospitals)

Open Disclosure (Hospitals)

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30 Mar 2022, 12PM - 2PM
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Develop skills in how to conduct an Open Disclosure using evidence based methods.

The ACHS Improvement Academy is pleased to provide an interactive training session on Open Disclosure (OD). This OD training strongly links to the NSQHS second edition Standard 1.12

The health service organisation [i]:
a. Uses an open disclosure program that is consistent with the Australian Open Disclosure Framework
b. Monitors and acts to improve the effectiveness of open disclosure processes

This training will use a case study to teach key principles and will include a video role play to demonstrate best practice in open disclosure. Through the interactive tools you will also have an opportunity to develop a response to an adverse event which has resulted in a family complaint. The case study explores the inpatient and home based care and the responses from the family who are astute observers of our care.

[i] National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards Second edition
[ii] Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. Australian Open Disclosure Framework. Sydney: ACSQHC; 2013 (accessed Oct 2017).

Key Outcomes
  • Understand the current framework for open disclosure
  • Identify barriers to open disclosure and benefits of such actions
  • Understand how undertake a ‘good’ evidence based open disclosure process
  • Have insight into the relationship between open disclosure, root cause analysis and quality improvement
  • Address the improvement and follow up of open disclosure processes
Who should attend
Health care professionals including:
  • directors of nursing
  • directors of clinical governance
  • clinical psychologists
  • social workers who lead open disclosure processes
  • clinical managers and medical heads of departments
  • surgical and procedural team leaders
  • directors of patient safety
  • patient safety officers
  • consumer and patient representatives
  • quality managers and front-line clinicians who provide care and services to patients
Adj Assoc Professor Bernie Harrison
Director of the ACHS Improvement Academy
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What previous participants have said
I thought the use of the polls was a helpful way to bring out key points. I thought the examples of better and worse contacts was helpful. It made me feel that I have a better grasp of the Open Disclosure process.