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Quality Improvement Demystified - Free for Members

Quality Improvement Demystified - Free for Members

Price: Free
15 Feb 2024, 11AM - 12:30PM
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Are you interested in learning about quality improvement (QI) science and how the QI theories of W. Edwards Deming and other QI pioneers can be applied to clinical work to improve outcomes, reduce costs and create a culture of continuous improvement?

Learn the science of process management in healthcare.

The ACHS Improvement Academy is pleased to provide a free training session to our members on Quality Improvement (QI) Demystified. This virtual training will demystify the science of quality improvement and make it part of your everyday business.

If you have any enquiries about the free QI Demystified training, please contact us at
Key Outcomes
  • Gain insights into how quality improvement, in many sectors, is described as the science of process management.
  • Gain awareness of the history of quality improvement over the last 80 years. 
  • Understand the theory of profound knowledge (Edward Deming).
  • Develop insights into how quality improvement can be translated into clinical work.
Who should attend
Health care professionals including:
  • clinical governance directors
  • quality managers
  • front line clinicians
  • executives and board members
Assoc Professor Bernie Harrison
Director of the ACHS Improvement Academy
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What previous participants have said
"Prof Bernie Harrison is a superb exponent of CQI and an excellent teacher."

"Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and well-structured presentation; also the Q&A session wrapped it up nicely while inviting interactive involvement on practical queries."

"Overall, a fantastic presentation. Really informative and enjoyable."