The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) has re-launched an upgraded webinar educational series for organisations undergoing accreditation to the National and Safety Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS) and the EQuIPNational 6 standards. This will commence on a weekly basis, with each standard being covered in a one-hour webinar. Therefore, over the course of 15 weeks NSQHSS 1-10 and EQuIPNational 11-15 will be covered. The new webinar series will commence on the 15 February 2017.

The new webinars will focus on the evidence required to be submitted for a successful survey

The goal is to present a short, sharp analysis of what is required by the surveyors and will be presented by ACHS’s experienced surveyors.  The practical, focused webinars are one hour in length, and are applicable for those who have already read the Guides.  Registration for the webinars will cost $110 (including 10% GST) for each webinar. We will be offering a 20% discount if you select all standards (1-10 NSQHSS or 11-15 EQuIP 6).

ACHS has invested in the ‘Go-To’ interactive online training system and the webinars have been specifically developed for those staff directing the preparation for survey; Quality Managers and the standard leads.

To take advantage of these immensely valuable webinars, please register your interest now, noting that we have scheduled them around school holidays.  Should you have any further inquiries regarding these webinars, please contact Improvement Academy team on (02) 9281 9955.

Learning Objectives:

To assist organisation to prepare for ACHS accreditation with either the 10 National and Safety Quality Health Service or EQuIPNational 6 Standards 11-15

Who Should Attend  

Open to all

Last Review Date 16 December 2016

The commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of the team ensured the site visit was conducted in a very professional manner, enabling a wide range of staff to meet the surveyors and engage with the process.

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