Member Organisations List

The following is a directory of members and their accreditation status as at 28th February 2018

This section lists ACHS Member organisations, their accreditation status and the date of expiry of their current accreditation.

This list is updated once every month. Please note that since this list date, organisations may have had their accreditation status revised in line with the finalisation of survey results.

The ACHS strongly believes in the public availability of appropriate information resulting from accreditation surveys, a position which has been met with broad support from our member organisations and peak industry bodies represented on our Council.

Due to different organisational and membership structures this listing includes both Members and some Associate Members. Associate Members are organisations whose membership is covered by a broader, overarching body such as an Area Health Service.

* denotes a new member awaiting an onsite survey.

** denotes an existing member awaiting an onsite survey.

*** denotes an existing member who was previously accredited under the EQuIP program, but which is now non- accredited whilst they transition to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards Program (NSQHSS). The date indicated is the scheduled date of their NSQHSS survey.

For further guidance in interpreting the information on these pages, please contact ACHS at Requests for further information regarding the accreditation status or performance of an individual health care organisation should be directed to that organisation.


Accreditation certificates are accessible by clicking the 'C' icon next to the relevant organisation from the list below.

Members own website

If the member organisation elects to provide access to its website then, ACHS will facilitate access to the member's website via a hyperlink. Contact ACHS at the Hyperlink consent form.

Healthscope Ltd

At the specific request of Healthscope Ltd no details relating to facilities owned and/or managed by that organisation are included in this list. Healthscope does, however, make performance information available and interested persons should contact the National Manager Quality & Compliance at Healthscope Head Office (Phone 03 9356 7500) or refer to Healthscope's website

Agreed Performance Statement (APS)

The ACHS strongly believes in the public availability of appropriate information resulting from accreditation surveys. As part of our public disclosure initiative the ACHS survey team provides an Agreed Performance Statement (APS) to be placed on the ACHS website. The member organisation may also provide an APS to be placed on the website. The APS should include reference to strengths and/or weaknesses identified during survey.

The Agreed Performance Statements are available on the list below by selecting the 'S' icon next to the relevant organisation.

ACT Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Absolute Home Care Pty Ltd Accredited 8/03/2019 S C
ACT Endoscopy Accredited 6/05/2019 S C
Calvary Bruce Private Hospital Accredited 11/07/2020 S C
Canberra Microsurgery Accredited 28/08/2020 S C
Canberra Private Hospital Accredited 5/05/2018 S C
Canberra Surgicentre, The Accredited 17/07/2020 S C
Marie Stopes Australia - ACT Accredited 4/05/2020 S C
Mugga Wara Endoscopy Centre Accredited 21/12/2019 S C
ACT Health Accredited 13/07/2018 S C
Calvary Health Care ACT Accredited 11/07/2020 S C
NSW Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Adori Day Clinic Accredited 30/04/2018 S C
Allowah Presbyterian Children's Hospital Accredited 17/10/2021 S C
Armidale Private Hospital Accredited 23/08/2020 S C
Berkeley Vale Private Hospital Accredited 23/06/2019 S C
Byrne Surgery Accredited 2/06/2018 S C
Calvary Health Care Riverina Ltd Accredited 22/10/2020 S C
Cancer Care Associates Accredited 10/11/2018 S C
Cardiff Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic New Member *   Not Available
Cataract Clinic, The Accredited 3/09/2020 S C
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, The Accredited 29/11/2019 S C
Clinic 36 Accredited 29/04/2018 S C
Coffs Day Hospital Accredited 12/04/2019 S C
Corporate Bodies International Accredited 13/04/2019 S C
Cosmos Clinic Accredited 19/12/2018 S C
Cover-More Medical Assistance Accredited 18/11/2019 S C
Craigie Day Surgery New Member *   Not Available
Delmar Private Hospital Accredited 5/05/2019 C
Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre Accredited 22/07/2020 S C
Diaverum East Coast Accredited 29/02/2020 S C
Drug and Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre Accredited 11/03/2019 S C
Dubbo Private Hospital Accredited 17/07/2020 S C
Dudley Private Hospital Accredited 24/07/2020 S C
Eastern Heart Clinic Accredited 24/02/2020 S C
Eastern Suburbs Private Hospital Accredited 2/06/2019 C
Excel Endoscopy Centre Accredited 26/04/2020 S C
Foundation House Accredited 1/12/2020 S C
Fresenius Medical Care Australia Accredited 3/12/2020 S C
Friends Home Care Nursing Service Pty Ltd New Member *   Not Available
Garden Court Clinic Accredited 29/08/2020 S C
Genesis Cancer Care NSW Accredited 18/05/2018 S C
Gordon Private Hospital New Member *   Not Available
Gosford Private Hospital Accredited 11/10/2019 S C
Haymarket Foundation Limited, The Accredited 30/09/2018 S C
HealthStrong Pty Ltd Accredited 28/11/2018 S C
Healthways Australia Pty Ltd Accredited 3/07/2018 S C
Hirondelle Private Hospital Accredited 6/04/2020 S C
Holroyd Private Hospital Accredited 8/11/2020 S C
Hurstville Private Accredited 10/07/2018 S C
Icon Cancer Care Revesby Accredited 27/10/2018 S C
Icon Cancer Centre Revesby Accredited 27/10/2018 S C
Junaa Buwa! Accredited 27/10/2019 S C
Junee Correctional Centre - Health Centre Accredited 13/10/2020 S C
Kamira Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services Inc. Accredited 14/02/2021 S C
Kedesh Rehabilitation Services Accredited 4/10/2019 S C
Kobi Medical Group Pty Limited, The Accredited 31/01/2019 S C
Lake Macquarie Private Hospital Accredited 18/07/2019 S C
Lingard Private Hospital Accredited 12/02/2020 S C
Lithgow Community Private Hospital Accredited 16/01/2021 S C
Longueville Private Hospital Accredited 1/06/2019 C
Lyndon Community, The Accredited 19/08/2018 S C
Macquarie St Day Surgery Accredited 13/07/2018 S C
Madison Day Surgery New Member *   Not Available
Maitland Private Hospital Accredited 5/11/2020 S C
Manly Waters Private Hospital Accredited 19/05/2019 C
Marie Stopes Australia - NSW Accredited 5/09/2020 S C
Mater Hospital, North Sydney, The Accredited 5/08/2021 S C
Mayo Healthcare Group Accredited 23/08/2020 S C
Mercy Services Accredited 21/10/2018 S C
Metwest Surgical Accredited 13/11/2020 S C
Minchinbury Community Hospital Accredited 12/05/2019 C
Miranda Eye Surgical Centre Accredited 10/05/2020 S C
National Association for Loss & Grief (NSW) Inc. Dubbo Centre Accredited 16/10/2020 S C
Network Nursing Agency Accredited 21/12/2018 S C
North Shore Private Hospital Accredited 14/06/2020 S C
Odyssey House McGrath Foundation Accredited 23/11/2018 S C
Oolong Aboriginal Corporation, The Accredited 22/06/2020 S C
Port Macquarie Ophthalmic Surgery Accredited 28/10/2018 S C
Port Macquarie Private Hospital Accredited 27/04/2020 S C
President Private Hospital Accredited 16/05/2019 C
Presmed Australia Accredited 17/07/2020 S C
Primary Health Care Day Surgeries Accredited 12/02/2021 S C
Quality Health Care Accredited 22/08/2019 S C
Regal Home Health Accredited 22/11/2021 S C
Regional Imaging Cardiovascular Centre Accredited 5/05/2018 S C
Reliant Health Care Pty Ltd Accredited 19/05/2020 S C
Riverina Cancer Care Centre Accredited 31/08/2020 S C
Rosebery Day Surgery Accredited 15/04/2018 S C
Rosemont Endoscopy Centre Accredited 12/03/2020 S C
Royal Rehab Private Accredited 20/07/2021 S C
Rural Home Nursing Service Accredited 24/08/2020 S C
Shellharbour Private Hospital Accredited 13/04/2019 Not Available
Sight For Life Foundation Accredited 9/07/2020 S C
Skinnotion Accredited 6/08/2020 S C
South Coast Home Health Care Pty Ltd Accredited 26/05/2020 S C
South Pacific Private Hospital Accredited 22/01/2020 S C
Southern Suburbs Day Procedure Centre Pty Ltd Accredited 14/11/2020 S C
St John of God Burwood - Richmond Hospitals Accredited 6/06/2020 S C
St John of God Hawkesbury District Health Campus Ltd. Accredited 9/08/2018 S C
St Luke's Private Hospital Accredited 17/10/2020 S C
St Vincent's Hospital - Lismore Accredited 3/11/2020 S C
St Vincent's Private Community Hospital Griffith Accredited 1/05/2018 S C
St Vincent's Private Hospital - Sydney Accredited 18/11/2019 S C
Surry Hills Day Hospital and Ashbrooke Cosmetic Surgery Accredited 16/03/2018 S C
Sutherland Heart Clinic Accredited 10/01/2020 S C
Sydney Clinic for Gastrointestinal Diseases, The Accredited 3/12/2020 S C
Sydney Drug Education & Counselling Centre (SDECC) Accredited 4/12/2018 S C
Sydney Private Hospital, The Accredited 1/05/2018 C
Teachers Healthcare Services Pty Ltd Accredited 6/12/2018 S C
Toronto Private Hospital Accredited 29/07/2020 S C
Triple Care Farm Accredited 12/12/2019 S C
Vital Home Health Services Accredited 26/12/2018 S C
Vitalis Health & Home Care Accredited 14/12/2018 S C
Warners Bay Private Hospital Accredited 29/09/2019 S C
Watershed Drug & Alcohol Recovery & Education Centre Inc Accredited 11/10/2018 S C
Wayback Ltd Accredited 23/01/2021 S C
We Help Ourselves (WHOS) Accredited 17/04/2019 S C
Youth off the Streets Ltd / Dunlea Accredited 7/01/2020 S C
Albury Wodonga Health Accredited 11/01/2020 S C
Calvary Health Care Sydney Accredited 26/07/2019 S C
Calvary Mater Newcastle Accredited 3/12/2019 S C
Central Coast Local Health District Accredited 21/01/2021 S C
Community Health, Sydney Local Health District Accredited 11/10/2020 S C
Family Drug Support Accredited 14/02/2019 S C
Family Planning NSW Accredited 16/07/2020 S C
Far West Local Health District New Member *   Not Available
FWLHD - Lower Western Sector Accredited 12/11/2020 S C
FWLHD Broken Hill Health Service Accredited 2/01/2021 S C
HammondCare Health and Hospitals Limited Accredited 22/10/2020 S C
Healthdirect Australia Accredited 7/12/2020 S C
Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital & CHS Accredited 21/03/2021 S C
Hunter New England LHD - Community and Aged Care Services - Greater Newcastle Sector (CACS-GNS) Accredited 15/11/2018 S C
Hunter New England LHD - Greater Newcastle Acute Hospital Network Accredited 22/06/2018 S C
Hunter New England LHD - Hunter Valley Sector Accredited 15/11/2020 S C
Hunter New England LHD - Lower Mid North Coast Sector Accredited 10/12/2018 S C
Hunter New England LHD - Mehi Cluster Accredited 7/12/2020 S C
Hunter New England LHD - Mental Health Service Accredited 21/09/2020 S C
Hunter New England LHD - Peel Sector Accredited 20/11/2020 S C
Hunter New England LHD - Tablelands Sector Accredited 20/12/2020 S C
Hunter New England LHD - The Lower Hunter Sector New Member *   Not Available
Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District Hospitals Accredited 22/11/2020 S C
ISLHD Integrated Community Services Accredited 30/06/2018 S C
ISLHD Mental Health Service Accredited 9/11/2020 S C
Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network Accredited 16/03/2020 S C
Karitane Accredited 15/05/2020 S C
Lourdes Hospital and Community Health Service Accredited 8/10/2020 S C
Mental Health Coordinating Council Accredited 2/05/2018 S C
Mercy Care Centre, Young Accredited 7/09/2020 S C
Mercy Health Service Albury Limited Accredited 26/09/2020 S C
Mid North Coast Local Health District Accredited 8/11/2020 S C
Murrumbidgee Local Health District - Border Group Accredited 7/11/2020 S C
Murrumbidgee Local Health District - Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area Group Accredited 7/11/2020 S C
Murrumbidgee Local Health District - Riverina Group Accredited 24/11/2020 S C
Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Accredited 7/04/2019 S C
NNSW LHD Richmond Clarence Health Service Group - Richmond Accredited 10/06/2018 S C
NNSW LHD Tweed Byron Health Service Group Accredited 20/11/2020 S C
North Shore Ryde Health Service Accredited 28/05/2018 Not Available
Northern Sydney LHD - Northern Beaches Health Service Accredited 20/11/2020 S C
Northern Sydney LHD Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Accredited 8/01/2022 S C
Northern Sydney LHD Primary and Community Health Accredited 10/07/2019 S C
Royal Far West Accredited 21/07/2018 S C
Royal Hospital for Women Accredited 4/11/2019 S C
Royal Rehab Accredited 25/07/2021 S C
SESLHD - Mental Health Service Accredited 10/02/2020 S C
SESLHD - Northern Sector Services Accredited 8/10/2019 S C
SESLHD - St George Hospital and Health Services Accredited 10/02/2020 S C
SLHD Mental Health Service Accredited 19/07/2019 S C
Southern NSW Local Health District Accredited 7/04/2019 S C
St Joseph's Hospital - Auburn Accredited 12/08/2018 S C
St Vincent's Hospital - Sydney (Public) Accredited 12/12/2020 S C
Sutherland Hospital, The Accredited 10/02/2020 S C
SWSLHD - Bankstown Hospital Accredited 23/02/2019 S C
SWSLHD - Bowral and District Hospital Accredited 22/01/2019 S C
SWSLHD - Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals Accredited 19/09/2020 S C
SWSLHD - Fairfield Hospital Accredited 23/06/2018 Not Available
SWSLHD - Liverpool Hospital Accredited 11/06/2018 S C
SWSLHD - Mental Health Services Accredited 27/08/2019 S C
SWSLHD - Oral Health Services Accredited 2/08/2019 S C
SWSLHD - Primary & Community Health Services Accredited 11/08/2021 S C
Sydney Children's Hospitals Network Accredited 10/07/2020 S C
Sydney LHD - Balmain Hospital Accredited 14/12/2021 S C
Sydney LHD - Canterbury Hospital Accredited 7/12/2018 S C
Sydney LHD - Concord Repatriation General Hospital Accredited 2/12/2018 S C
Sydney LHD - Oral Health Services & Sydney Dental Hospital Accredited 22/07/2019 S C
Sydney LHD - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Accredited 7/01/2022 S C
Tresillian Family Care Centres Accredited 29/05/2021 S C
War Memorial Hospital, Waverley Accredited 27/09/2018 S C
Western Sydney LHD - Auburn Hospital Accredited 24/08/2019 S C
Western Sydney LHD - Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals Accredited 23/02/2019 S C
Western Sydney LHD - Westmead Hospital Accredited 3/07/2020 S C
Western Sydney LHD Mental Health and Drug Health Accredited 16/04/2019 S C
WNSW LHD - Orange Health Service Accredited 11/10/2019 S C
WNSW LHD Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Services Accredited 12/12/2020 S C
WNSWLHD Bathurst Hospital Accredited 31/01/2020 S C
WNSWLHD Dubbo Base Hospital Accredited 15/11/2019 S C
NT Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Central Australia Health Service (CAHS) Accredited 13/08/2018 S C
Top End Health Service Accredited 14/11/2020 S C
QLD Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Belmont Private Hospital Accredited 9/07/2018 S C
Blue Care Queensland New Member *   Not Available
Bundall Medical Centre New Member *   Not Available
Caboolture Private Hospital Accredited 10/07/2018 S C
Cairns Audiology Group Accredited 15/10/2020 S C
Clifton Co-op Hospital Ltd Accredited 23/09/2018 S C
Currumbin Clinic Accredited 9/11/2019 S C
Eastern Endoscopy Centre Accredited 21/03/2020 S C
Genesis CancerCare QLD Accredited 21/11/2019 S C
Genesis CancerCare QLD - Rockhampton Accredited 1/01/2021 S C
Genesis CancerCare Queensland - Bundaberg Accredited 24/07/2019 C
Genesis CancerCare Queensland - Fraser Coast Accredited 14/08/2019 Not Available
Hader Clinic Queensland, The New Member *   Not Available
Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital Accredited 17/01/2022 S C
Hopewell Hospice Services Inc Accredited 22/05/2020 S C
Icon Cancer Care Australia New Member *   Not Available
Icon Cancer Care Bundaberg Accredited 13/12/2020 S C
Icon Cancer Care North Lakes Accredited 7/12/2020 S C
Icon Cancer Care SE Queensland Accredited 21/07/2018 S C
Icon Cancer Care Townsville Accredited 22/11/2020 S C
Icon Cancer Centre Mackay Accredited 7/08/2019 Not Available
Icon Cancer Centre Rockingham New Member *   Not Available
Icon Cancer Centre The Valley Accredited 30/07/2019 C
Ipswich Hospice Care Incorporated Accredited 17/06/2018 S C
Logan Endoscopy Services Pty Ltd Accredited 23/06/2020 S C
Marie Stopes Australia - QLD Accredited 19/05/2020 S C
Mater Health Services North Queensland Limited Accredited 15/12/2020 S C
Mater Misericordiae Health Services Brisbane Limited Accredited 19/12/2021 S C
Mercy Health & Aged Care Central Queensland Accredited 18/01/2021 S C
Peninsula Eye Hospital Accredited 8/08/2019 S C
Radiation Oncology Centre NSW Accredited 17/12/2020 S C
Radiation Oncology Centres Accredited 17/10/2019 S C
Radiation Oncology Centres - Gold Coast Private Accredited 21/03/2019 S C
Radiation Oncology Centres - North Lakes Accredited 25/11/2020 S C
Radiation Oncology Centres - Queensland Accredited 6/09/2018 S C
Radiation Oncology Centres - Redlands Accredited 2/08/2018 S C
Radiation Oncology Centres - Springfield Accredited 21/03/2020 S C
Robina Private Hospital Accredited 4/04/2018 S C
Southside Endoscopy Centre Accredited 23/02/2020 S C
Spendelove Private Hospital Accredited 20/11/2020 S C
St Andrew's Toowoomba Hospital Accredited 28/07/2020 S C
St Vincent's Private Hospital Toowoomba Accredited 17/01/2022 S C
St Vincent's Hospital Brisbane Accredited 9/08/2018 S C
Toowoomba Hospice Association Inc Accredited 5/12/2020 S C
Townsville Day Surgery Accredited 1/11/2019 S C
Townsville Private Clinic Accredited 8/03/2020 C
Uniting Church in Australia Property Trust (Q.), The Accredited 22/05/2019 S C
Wesley Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine, The Accredited 2/09/2019 S C
Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service Accredited 31/05/2019 S C
Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service Accredited 1/10/2019 S C
Central West Hospital and Health Service Accredited 13/10/2020 S C
Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service Accredited 11/01/2022 S C
Mackay Hospital and Health Service Accredited 13/01/2019 S C
Metro North Hospital and Health Service - Redcliffe, Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals and MNHHS Community, Indigenous and Subacute Services (CISS) Accredited 17/05/2021 S C
Metro North Hospital and Health Service - Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital and MNHHS Oral Health Services Accredited 26/07/2020 S C
Metro North Hospital and Health Service - The Prince Charles Hospital and Metro North Mental Health Accredited 18/08/2021 S C
Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service Accredited 24/03/2019 S C
Metro South Hospital and Health Service - Logan / Beaudesert Hospitals Accredited 4/06/2019 S C
Metro South Hospital and Health Service - Oral Health Accredited 26/04/2019 S C
Metro South Hospital and Health Service - QEll Jubilee Hospital and Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme Accredited 16/12/2018 S C
Metro South Hospital and Health Service - Redland & Wynnum Hospitals Accredited 16/06/2019 S C
North West Hospital and Health Service Accredited 2/02/2020 S C
Princess Alexandra Hospital Accredited 23/11/2021 S C
Sunshine Coast University Hospital Accredited 7/11/2018 S C
Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service Accredited 9/06/2018 S C
Townsville Hospital and Health Service Accredited 26/01/2019 S C
West Moreton Hospital and Health Service Accredited 27/02/2021 S C
Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service Accredited 1/04/2019 S C
SA Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Brighton Day Surgery Accredited 21/10/2020 S C
Burnside War Memorial Hospital Inc. Accredited 7/10/2018 S C
epiclinic Pty Ltd Accredited 1/10/2018 S C
Genesis Care SA (ARC) Accredited 15/01/2021 S C
Glenelg Community Hospital Inc Accredited 27/05/2020 S C
Glenelg Day Surgery Accredited 16/03/2020 S C
Hamilton House Day Surgery Accredited 24/10/2019 S C
Home Support Services Accredited 12/12/2019 S C
Icon Cancer Care Adelaide Accredited 19/12/2019 S C
Keith & District Hospital Inc Accredited 21/10/2020 S C
Lift Specialty Care Pty Ltd Accredited 15/07/2019 Not Available
Mission Australia, South Australian Drug and Alcohol Programs Accredited 22/06/2019 S C
Oxford Day Surgery Centre Accredited 17/12/2019 S C
Ramsay Health Care (SA), Mental Health Services Accredited 16/01/2020 S C
St Andrew's Hospital Inc Accredited 24/03/2021 S C
Waverley House Plastic Surgery Centre Accredited 14/07/2020 S C
Western Hospital Accredited 3/10/2019 S C
Yellow Door Care Accredited 19/10/2019 S C
Your Health Navigator Accredited 29/08/2018 S C
Central Adelaide Local Health Network Accredited 2/06/2018 S C
Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) - SA Dental Service Accredited 10/03/2020 S C
CHSALHN - Barossa Hills Fleurieu Region Accredited 4/08/2019 S C
CHSALHN - Corporate Office Accredited 13/06/2020 S C
CHSALHN - Eyre & Far North Region Accredited 15/03/2020 S C
CHSALHN - Flinders & Upper North Region Accredited 28/02/2020 S C
CHSALHN - Riverland Mallee Coorong Region Accredited 24/08/2019 S C
CHSALHN - South East Region Accredited 23/05/2020 S C
CHSALHN - Yorke and Northern Region Accredited 4/02/2020 S C
Northern Adelaide Local Health Network Accredited 14/04/2021 S C
Northgate House New Member *   Not Available
SA Ambulance Service Accredited 30/01/2021 Not Available
Southern Adelaide Local Health Network Accredited 12/03/2020 S C
Women's and Children's Health Network Accredited 28/04/2020 S C
TAS Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Hobart Clinic, The Accredited 19/10/2020 S C
Icon Cancer Centre Hobart Accredited 7/05/2019 S C
M.H. Ghali Pty Ltd Accredited 28/07/2020 S C
North West Private Hospital Accredited 19/01/2019 S C
Steele Street Clinic Accredited 14/02/2021 S C
Launceston General Hospital & Mental Health North, Tasmanian Health Service Accredited 22/06/2018 S C
Primary Health North, Tasmanian Health Service Accredited 10/08/2018 S C
Tasmanian Health Organisation - North West District Hospitals Accredited 23/08/2020 S C
Tasmanian Health Service - Acute, Subacute and Community Services Accredited 16/03/2020 S C
Tasmanian Health Service - Forensic Health Services Accredited 30/04/2021 S C
Tasmanian Health Service - Mental Health Clinical Services Accredited 30/04/2021 S C
Tasmanian Health Service - North West Community Health Nursing and Home Care Services Accredited 2/11/2019 S C
Tasmanian Health Service - North West Region, Mersey Community Hospital Accredited 8/05/2020 S C
Tasmanian Health Service - North West Region, North West Regional Hospital Accredited 8/05/2020 S C
Tasmanian Health Service - Oral Health Services Accredited 10/04/2020 S C
Tasmanian Health Service - State wide Alcohol and Drug Services Accredited 30/04/2021 S C
VIC Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Albert Road Clinic Accredited 14/11/2019 S C
Avenue Hospital, The Accredited 14/11/2019 S C
Ballan & District Soldiers Memorial Bush Nursing Hospital Accredited 19/10/2020 S C
Beleura Private Hospital Accredited 14/04/2019 S C
Berwick Surgicentre Accredited 18/10/2018 S C
Brunswick Private Hospital Accredited 27/04/2018 S C
Cabrini Health Accredited 5/10/2018 S C
Cabrini Radiation Oncology Centre Accredited 25/04/2019 S C
COACH Program Pty Ltd, The Accredited 23/04/2019 S C
Cobden District Health Services Inc. Accredited 11/11/2020 S C
Coburg Endoscopy Centre Accredited 23/06/2018 S C
Correct Care Australasia Pty Ltd Accredited 11/07/2019 S C
Delmont Private Hospital Accredited 13/12/2020 S C
Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital Accredited 23/08/2020 S C
Epping Private Hospital New Member *   Not Available
Epworth HealthCare Accredited 30/11/2020 S C
Epworth HealthCare - Geelong Accredited 29/10/2021 S C
Essendon Private Clinic Accredited 27/07/2018 C
Euroa Health Inc. Accredited 23/10/2018 S C
Frances Perry House Accredited 5/12/2020 S C
Fulham Correctional Centre - Medical Centre Accredited 25/12/2018 S C
Glen Endoscopy Centre, The Accredited 15/12/2019 S C
Glenferrie Private Hospital Accredited 30/12/2019 S C
GMHBA Care Coordination Service Accredited 8/10/2020 S C
Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service Inc Accredited 8/06/2021 S C
Hader Clinic Melbourne, The New Member *   Not Available
Healthe Work Accredited 7/08/2018 S C
Heidelberg Endoscopy and Day Surgery Centre Accredited 22/02/2021 S C
Jessie McPherson Private Hospital Accredited 23/11/2020 S C
Linacre Private Hospital Accredited 27/08/2020 S C
Macedon Ranges Health Accredited 18/11/2021 S C
Malvern Private Hospital Accredited 23/06/2018 C
Marie Stopes Australia - VIC Accredited 29/10/2020 S C
Maryvale Private Hospital Accredited 8/03/2020 S C
Masada Private Hospital Accredited 5/12/2020 S C
Melbourne Citymission Palliative Care Accredited 1/02/2020 S C
Melbourne Citymission Palliative Care Accredited 1/02/2020 S C
Melbourne Eastern Private Hospital, The Accredited 28/02/2019 C
Monash Surgical Private Hospital Accredited 27/10/2018 S C
Neerim District Health Service Accredited 14/03/2020 S C
Palliative Care South East Ltd Accredited 6/11/2020 S C
Peninsula Private Hospital Accredited 14/04/2019 S C
Radiation Oncology Victoria (Genesis Cancer Care Victoria Pty Ltd) Accredited 25/07/2019 S C
Radiation Oncology Victoria (Genesis Cancer Care) St Vincent's Radiation Oncology Centre Accredited 5/10/2020 S C
Ravenhall Correctional Centre - Correct Care Australasia New Member *   Not Available
Remedy Healthcare Accredited 1/12/2019 S C
Royal District Nursing Service Ltd Accredited 3/03/2020 S C
Safe Sleep Space Pty Ltd Accredited 24/04/2019 S C
Shepparton Private Hospital Accredited 11/06/2018 S C
South Eastern Private Hospital Accredited 29/11/2021 S C
South West Regional Cancer Centre, Epworth Radiation Oncology Accredited 11/10/2020 S C
St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital Accredited 13/01/2019 S C
St John of God Health Care - Bendigo Accredited 20/09/2019 S C
St John of God Health Care - Geelong Accredited 24/11/2020 S C
St John of God Health Care - Pinelodge Clinic Accredited 2/01/2021 S C
St John of God Health Care Berwick Accredited 9/05/2020 S C
St John of God Health Choices Accredited 14/04/2022 S C
St John of God Healthcare - Ballarat Accredited 14/12/2018 S C
St John of God Hospital - Warrnambool Accredited 7/12/2018 S C
St Vincent's Private Hospital Melbourne Limited Accredited 4/12/2018 S C
St Vincent's Private Hospital Werribee Accredited 6/08/2019 Not Available
The Endoscopy Centre Accredited 30/10/2020 S C
Valley Private Hospital, The Accredited 12/04/2018 S C
Wangaratta Private Hospital Accredited 11/06/2018 S C
Waverley Private Hospital Accredited 27/07/2020 S C
Alexandra District Health Accredited 9/03/2021 S C
Alfred Health Accredited 14/08/2019 S C
Austin Health Accredited 11/12/2019 S C
Bairnsdale Regional Health Service Accredited 21/09/2018 S C
Ballarat Health Services Accredited 18/05/2019 S C
Banksia Palliative Care service Inc. Accredited 19/01/2020 S C
Barwon Health, Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol Services Accredited 21/11/2019 S C
Bass Coast Health Accredited 11/04/2020 S C
Beaufort & Skipton Health Service Accredited 9/02/2019 S C
Beechworth Health Service Accredited 12/12/2019 S C
Benalla Health Accredited 6/10/2020 S C
Bendigo Health Care Group Accredited 7/12/2020 S C
Berry Street Victoria Inc Accredited 14/08/2020 S C
Boort District Health Accredited 10/10/2020 S C
Calvary Health Care Bethlehem Accredited 10/02/2020 S C
Casterton Memorial Hospital Accredited 7/09/2020 S C
Castlemaine Health Accredited 3/10/2019 S C
Central Gippsland Health Service Accredited 19/12/2019 S C
Cobram District Health Accredited 8/12/2021 S C
Cohuna District Hospital Accredited 19/12/2019 S C
Colac Area Health Accredited 12/11/2019 S C
Dental Health Services Victoria Accredited 30/01/2021 S C
Djerriwarrh Health Services Accredited 1/03/2019 S C
East Grampians Health Service Accredited 26/09/2019 S C
East Wimmera Health Service Accredited 31/10/2020 S C
Eastern Health Accredited 14/03/2018 S C
Eastern Palliative Care Association Inc Accredited 1/06/2021 S C
Echuca Regional Health Accredited 1/11/2019 S C
Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital Accredited 8/03/2021 S C
Gippsland Southern Health Service Accredited 30/10/2018 S C
Goulburn Valley Health Accredited 24/08/2020 S C
Heathcote Health Accredited 8/01/2020 S C
Hepburn Health Service Accredited 30/03/2021 S C
Hesse Rural Health Service Accredited 25/06/2019 S C
Heywood Rural Health Accredited 28/06/2019 S C
Huntington's Victoria Accredited 15/07/2021 S C
Inglewood & Districts Health Service Accredited 10/05/2019 S C
Kerang District Health Accredited 3/11/2020 S C
Kilmore & District Hospital, The Accredited 26/07/2019 S C
Kooweerup Regional Health Service Accredited 13/12/2019 S C
Kyabram District Health Service Accredited 1/09/2020 S C
Kyneton District Health Accredited 17/12/2019 S C
Latrobe Regional Hospital Accredited 9/08/2018 S C
Lorne Community Hospital Accredited 24/10/2020 S C
Maldon Hospital Accredited 9/10/2019 S C
Maryborough District Health Service Accredited 11/01/2019 S C
Melbourne Health Accredited 24/01/2020 S C
Mercy Hospitals Victoria Ltd. Accredited 12/12/2020 S C
Monash Health Accredited 7/12/2019 S C
Moyne Health Services Accredited 22/07/2019 S C
Nathalia District Hospital Accredited 3/11/2019 S C
Northeast Health Wangaratta Accredited 19/12/2021 S C
Northern Health Accredited 20/07/2021 S C
Numurkah District Health Service Accredited 15/09/2019 S C
Omeo District Health Accredited 1/08/2019 S C
Orbost Regional Health Accredited 31/10/2020 S C
Otway Health Accredited 8/10/2020 S C
Peninsula Health Accredited 9/02/2020 S C
Peninsula Home Hospice Accredited 29/01/2019 S C
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Accredited 23/11/2020 S C
Portland District Health Accredited 3/12/2018 S C
Queen Elizabeth Centre New Member *   Not Available
Rochester and Elmore District Health Service Accredited 5/07/2019 S C
Royal Children's Hospital, The Accredited 29/06/2019 S C
Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital Accredited 3/12/2020 S C
Royal Women's Hospital, The Accredited 5/06/2019 Not Available
Rural Northwest Health Accredited 28/10/2020 S C
Seymour Health Accredited 23/06/2018 S C
South West Healthcare Accredited 16/09/2020 S C
St Vincent's Health Accredited 4/01/2020 S C
St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne Limited within the Youth Health and Rehabilitation Service (YHaRS) Accredited 5/06/2020 S C
Stawell Regional Health Accredited 16/01/2021 S C
Swan Hill District Health Accredited 31/10/2020 S C
Tallangatta Health Service Accredited 10/01/2021 S C
Terang & Mortlake Health Service Accredited 16/07/2020 S C
Timboon & District Healthcare Service Accredited 14/11/2021 S C
Tweddle Child & Family Health Service Accredited 24/08/2018 S C
Very Special Kids Accredited 10/02/2019 S C
Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Accredited 7/10/2018 S C
Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (VIFMH) Accredited 8/11/2019 S C
West Gippsland Healthcare Group Accredited 6/12/2019 S C
West Wimmera Health Service Accredited 22/11/2020 S C
Western District Health Service Accredited 30/01/2020 S C
Western Health Accredited 5/05/2020 S C
Wimmera Health Care Group Accredited 22/11/2019 S C
Yarram and District Health Service Accredited 9/11/2020 S C
Yarrawonga Health Accredited 13/06/2020 S C
Yea & District Memorial Hospital Accredited 10/06/2018 S C
WA Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Abbotsford Private Hospital Accredited 18/02/2021 S C
Albany Community Hospice Accredited 5/10/2020 S C
Attadale Rehabilitation Hospital Accredited 16/11/2020 S C
Bethesda Hospital Inc Accredited 27/10/2019 S C
Cancer Care WA New Member *   Not Available
GI Clinic Accredited 29/01/2021 S C
Glengarry Private Hospital Accredited 12/12/2019 S C
Hollywood Private Hospital Accredited 1/09/2020 S C
Icon Cancer Centre Midland (Medical Oncology) Accredited 3/02/2019 S C
Icon Cancer Centre Midland (Radiation Oncology) Accredited 3/02/2019 S C
Joondalup Health Campus Accredited 30/01/2021 S C
Marian Centre, The Accredited 30/10/2020 S C
Marie Stopes Australia - WA Accredited 11/06/2020 S C
MercyCare New Member *   Not Available
Outcare New Member *   Not Available
Park Private Hospital and Walcott Street Surgical Centre, The Accredited 28/06/2020 S C
Peel Health Campus Accredited 26/07/2018 S C
Pilbara Health Network Accredited 10/01/2021 S C
Ruah Community Services New Member *   Not Available
Silver Chain Group Limited Accredited 30/05/2018 S C
South Perth Hospital Incorporated Accredited 28/08/2018 S C
St John of God Bunbury Hospital Accredited 21/05/2020 S C
St John of God Hospital - Geraldton Accredited 21/06/2020 S C
St John of God Midland Public Hospital and St John of God Midland Private Hospital Accredited 2/05/2020 S C
St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital Accredited 23/01/2020 S C
St John of God Murdoch Hospital Accredited 8/09/2019 S C
St John of God Subiaco Hospital Accredited 18/09/2019 S C
View Health Pty Ltd Accredited 10/04/2018 S C
Youth Focus New Member *   Not Available
Armadale Health Service Accredited 27/01/2019 S C
Child and Adolescent Health Service Accredited 26/05/2018 S C
Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospital Group New Member *   Not Available
Indian Ocean Territories Health Service Accredited 21/10/2020 S C
North Metropolitan Area Health Service Mental Health Accredited 24/12/2018 S C
Oral Health Centre of WA Accredited 15/01/2021 S C
Osborne Park Hospital Accredited 14/08/2020 S C
Public Health and Ambulatory Care Accredited 14/07/2018 S C
Public Health and Ambulatory Care - Dental Health Accredited 29/07/2018 S C
Rockingham Peel Group Accredited 26/07/2019 S C
Royal Perth Bentley Group Accredited 13/11/2018 S C
Sexual Health Quarters New Member *   Not Available
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Accredited 27/10/2019 S C
WA Country Health Service Accredited 17/08/2020 S C
WA Country Health Service - Goldfields Accredited 15/12/2018 S C
WA Country Health Service - Kimberley Accredited 6/10/2018 S C
WA Country Health Service - Midwest Accredited 19/08/2019 S C
WA Country Health Service - Pilbara Accredited 18/01/2019 S C
WA Country Health Service - South West Accredited 27/10/2019 S C
WA Country Health Service - Wheatbelt Region Accredited 20/01/2019 S C
WA Country Health Service- Great Southern Accredited 3/05/2019 S C
Women and Newborn Health Service Accredited 14/07/2018 S C
Hong Kong Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Canossa Hospital (Caritas) Accredited 27-07-2019 S
Dental Implant & Maxillofacial Centre (DIMFC) Accredited 11-01-2019 S
Evangel Hospital Accredited 06-10-2018 S
Fresenius Medical Care Hong Kong Limited - NephroCare Tuen Mun Dialysis Centre (NCTM) Accredited 13-10-2018 TBA
Fresenius Medical Care Hong Kong Limited - NephroCare Wan Chai Dialysis Centre (NCWC) Accredited 13-10-2018 TBA
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Stubbs Road
Accredited 22-07-2018 S
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Tsuen Wan Accredited 24-07-2018 S
Hong Kong Baptist Hospital Accredited 16-12-2018 S
Hong Kong Sanatorium Hospital Accredited 25-02-2018 S
Matilda International Hospital Accredited 26-11-2018 S
O T and P Medical Practice Accredited 27-04-2019 S
St Paul's Hospital Accredited 24-06-2018 TBA
St Teresa's Hospital Accredited 14-02-2022 S
Union Hospital Hong Kong Accredited 29-07-2018 S
Caritas Medical Centre Accredited 18-09-2018 S
Castle Peak Hospital Accredited 03-08-2018 S
Hong Kong Buddhist Hospital Accredited 14-02-2020 S
Kowloon Hospital Accredited 04-02-2018 S
North District Hospital Accredited 5-12-2017 S
Our Lady of Maryknoll Hospital Accredited 17-05-2021 S
Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital Accredited 13-08-2018 S
Prince of Wales Hospital Accredited 21-11-2017 S
Princess Margaret Hospital Accredited 01-02-2019 S
Pok Oi Hospital Accredited 21-09-2021 S
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Accredited 17-09-2018 S
Queen Mary Hospital and Tsan Yuk Hospital Accredited 16-12-2018 S
School Dental Care Service, Department of Health, Hong Kong Accredited 13-6-2020 S
Tai Po Hospital & Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital Accredited 14-08-2018 S
Tseung Kwan O Hospital Accredited 11-01-2020 S
Tuen Mun Hospital Accredited 18-11-2018 S
Tung Wah Eastern Hospital Accredited 18-08-2018 S
Tung Wah Hospital Accredited 11-12-2017 S
United Christian Hospital Accredited 15-04-2018 S
Yan Chai Hospital Accredited 20-07-2020 S
Macau Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Centro Hospitalar Conde de Sao Januario General Hospital Accredited 21-12-2020 S
Macau Community Health Center Accredited 10-08-2020 S
ACHS EQuIP Associate Members - Private Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Blue Care Central Queensland Accredited(A) 29/11/2021 S C
Blue Care Fraser Coast Accredited(A) 29/01/2022 S C
Blue Care Metro North Accredited(A) 31/08/2021 S C
Blue Care Metro South Accredited(A) 28/04/2021 S C
Blue Care North Queensland Accredited(A) 14/07/2020 S C
Blue Care South Coast Accredited(A) 6/01/2021 S C
Blue Care South West Accredited(A) 15/12/2020 S C
Blue Care Sunshine Coast Accredited(A) 31/08/2021 S C
Brookwater Dialysis Clinic - Fresenius Medical Care Accredited(A) 20/10/2018 S C
Genesis Care Hurstville Accredited(A) 25/11/2018 S C
North Lakes Dialysis Clinic - Fresenius Medical Care Accredited(A) 2/01/2019 S C
South Brisbane Dialysis Clinic - Fresenius Medical Care Australia Accredited(A) 15/05/2018 S C
Sunshine Dialysis Clinic - Fresenius Medical Care Australia Accredited(A) 16/09/2018 S C
ACHS EQuIP Associate Members - Public Accreditation Status Accreditation Expiry Accreditation Details
Bentley Health Service Accredited(A) 13/11/2018 S C
Dunmunkle Health Services Accredited(A) 14/12/2019 S C
Fiona Stanley Hospital Accredited(A) 23/10/2019 S C
Fremantle Hospital and Health Service Accredited(A) 18/01/2020 S C
Maitland Hospital, The Accredited(A) 5/08/2018 S C
Manning Hospital Accredited(A) 27/07/2018 S C
Mercy Health O'Connell Family Centre Accredited(A) 19/04/2019 S C
Royal Perth Hospital Accredited(A) 26/07/2019 S C

Last Review Date 13 March 2018

I learnt a terrific amount of useful information and it has been great to apply it.

Jolene May
- Royal Hobart Hospital, TAS