ACHS’s prestigious Quality Improvement Awards for 2019 are now open!

Recognising quality improvement in health.

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Australia’s premier quality improvement awards for the health sector – the ACHS Quality Improvement Awards are now officially open for 2019.

Designed to keep quality improvement and innovation central to the healthcare safety agenda, the ACHS Quality Improvement Awards recognise achievements in three critical areas of quality: Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety, Non-Clinical Service Delivery, and Healthcare Measurement

Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety

This Award recognises innovation and demonstrated quality improvement in the delivery of safe, effective consumer / patient care.

Non-Clinical Service Delivery

This Award acknowledges a demonstrated outcome in improvement and innovation to consumer / patient services and organisation-wide practice including services provided by community and allied health.

Healthcare Measurement

This category recognises organisation which have measured an aspect of clinical management and or/outcome of care, taken appropriate action in response to that measurement, and demonstrated improved consumer / patient care and organisational performance upon further measurement.

Healthcare measurement can include data collected from the ACHS Clinical Indicator program or other methods of monitoring consumer / patient care processes or outcomes.  Both quantitative and qualitative data can be used, however this category must describe the initial measurement, the analysis of that measurement, the action(s) implemented, and the improved measurement(s).


ACHS Principles

The guiding principles behind the Quality improvement Awards are:

  • A consumer focus: Organisations demonstrate this in their care provision
  • Effective leadership: Organisations demonstrate responsibility and commitment to excellence in care provision, quality improvement and performance
  • Continuous improvement: Management and staff demonstrate how they continually strive to improve the quality of care in assisting the organisation.
  • Evidence of outcomes: Organisations depend on the measurement and analysis of performance.  Indicators of good care processes or, wherever possible, outcomes of care, demonstrate a commitment to maintaining quality and striving for ongoing improvement.
  • Striving for best practice: The organisation compares its performance with, or learns from others, and then applies best-practice principles. 

Judges will also assess additional criteria, including:

  • Improvement in patient safety and care, measured outcomes, applicability in other settings
  • Innovation in patient care and/or processes, and
  • Relevance to the QI Awards category


The closing date for the awards is:

Electronic version: Friday 6 September 2019 at 5,00pm

Hard copy version: Friday 13 September 2019 at 5.00pm.

Winners will be announced at the ACHS dinner in Sydney on Thursday 28 November, and winning entries will be published in the“Quality Initiatives”publication. 

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Click on the links below to download the guidelines and the submission document:

QI Awards Submission Document

QI Awards Guidelines

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