Supporting your business to meet COVID-Safe requirements

ACHS is pleased to announce it is now offering a COVID-Safe consultancy service to assist businesses to comply with current health and safety requirements. 

With the ‘new normal’ that Australia is facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic underway, the onus is on all businesses to comply with current regulations, or face hefty fines.  ACHS can assist your business in the establishment, implementation and sustainability of your own tailored COVID-19 Safety Plan.

With more than 46 years as the leading healthcare accreditation agency in Australia, we have the necessary skills and expertise in the health standards assessment field, including infection control and governance for safety and quality, to provide you with peace of mind.

ACHS is now providing a COVID-19 Safe Consultancy service including:

  • Identifying relevant jurisdictional requirements,
  • Reviewing/developing COVID-Safe Plans and organisational policies, 
  • Advising on implementation of the COVID-Safe Plan,
  • Reviewing current status of Plan implementation,
  • Advising on strategies for sustaining the Plan and periodic evaluation to demonstrate compliance.

The consultancy will be tailored to suit each individual organisation and our team would work alongside yourself or your business to ensure you are COVID-Safe ready and able to demonstrate compliance. 

Our extensive experience in standards for safety and quality aligns well with the COVID-19 Safe goals. To learn more about this new service from ACHS, please contact us on or phone 1800 252 783.

ACHS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving quality and safety in health care and related services / industries.


ACHS Covid Safe Consultancy 

Last Review Date 24 February 2021

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