First Patient Safety Lead Program Participants Graduate

ACHS Improvement Academy congratulated the 13 graduates of its Patient Safety Lead program with a graduation ceremony held on Friday 24 March.

With the Academy being launched one year ago, the ceremony was an opportunity to present the 13 graduands with a certificate marking the completion of their course participation.

Each graduand gave a 15 minute powerpoint presentation with a question and answer session on their lead project.  The individual projects were the culmination of what they had learnt throughout the Program. Projects were selected on the basis of the level of improvement that could be brought to a patient safety issue or opportunity waiting to be undertaken in their own workplace.

Ranging from medical emergencies in paediatric wards to risk assessing accreditation preparedness, each graduand was tasked with leading a project which would bring about lasting patient safety improvement at a lead level.

ACHS CEO Dr Christine Dennis said the level of projects chosen and the depth of quality of thinking behind their improvement strategies was impressive.  “They have certainly absorbed the key tenets of patient safety improvement of the Program and have actively applied them to real-life situations they are involved in,” she said. 

“On behalf of the Improvement Academy we are very proud of their collective individual achievements and their level of enthusiasm for improving patient care.”

A graduation ceremony for participants in the Quality Improvement Lead Program offered by the Improvement Academy will be held on Friday 7 April in Sydney.

Last Review Date 30 March 2017

The commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of the team ensured the site visit was conducted in a very professional manner, enabling a wide range of staff to meet the surveyors and engage with the process.

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