The Performance and Outcomes Service (POS) coordinates the development, collection, collation, analysis and reporting of the ACHS Clinical Indicators. This national clinical data set facilitates benchmarking by participating healthcare organisations at a peer and national level.

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Participation in the Clinical Indicator Program (CIP) is included in all ACHS healthcare accreditation memberships. Healthcare organisations accredited by other providers may participate in the ACHS CIP on a fee-for-service basis, click here to participate. 


Each year the ACHS releases the Australasian Clinical Indicator Report (ACIR), examining data sourced from a broad range of clinical specialty areas in healthcare. Click here to access this year's summary and detailed reports.

For further information or assistance, please contact the Performance and Outcomes Service team on 02 9281 9955 or email

Last Review Date 13 October 2021

We have developed a very good working relationship with ACHS and the team on the whole are very engaged and responsive to our requirements.

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