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The Performance and Outcomes Service (POS) coordinates the development, collection, collation, analysis and reporting of the ACHS Clinical Indicators. This national clinical data set facilitates benchmarking by participating healthcare organisations at a peer and national level.

Participation in the CI Program is included in all ACHS healthcare accreditation memberships. Healthcare organisations accredited by other provided may participate in the ACHS CI program on a fee-for-service basis.

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Each year ACHS releases the Australasian Clinical Indicator Report, examining data sourced from a broad range of clinical specialty areas in healthcare. Click here to access this year's summary and detailed reports.

For further information or assistance, please contact the Performance and Outcomes Service team on 02 9281 9955 or email


Last Review Date 31 October 2016

CLINICAL INDICATOR USER MANUALS - 2nd half 2016 collection period

CLINICAL INDICATOR USER MANUALS - 1st half 2017 collection period


Second half of 2016 data collection - Excel format

First half of 2017 data collection - Excel format

The commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of the team ensured the site visit was conducted in a very professional manner, enabling a wide range of staff to meet the surveyors and engage with the process.

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