The ACHS Clinical Indicator Program (CIP) was established in 1989 to facilitate consistent measurement of clinical care for ACHS members. With more than 800 participating healthcare organisations submitting data to over 300 clinical indicators (CI) across 20 specialty medical disciplines, it currently provides the world’s largest dedicated CI data collection and reporting service.

Clinical indicators provide quantitative tools to measure the quality of health care. They have been undergoing constant reviews/revisions by a multidisciplinary Working Party led by the specialist colleges, societies and associations to ensure relevancy and currency to care practice. Healthcare organisations are motivated to select composite indicators that best fit the services delivered in their facilities. The ACHS reports to member organisations, providing comparative information and trend results that can be used to assess, compare and determine the potential to improve care.

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Such amazing tools to assist with guiding my ongoing quality journey.

Ann Gillies
- Nambour Hospital, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, QLD