EQuIP5 Corporate Health and Member Services

EQuIP5 Corporate Programs are the only quality improvement programs in Australia specifically developed for Corporate offices in the healthcare industry.  The ACHS EQuIP Corporate programs, developed in consultation with the health care industry, provide solid frameworks for establishing and maintaining customer services and improving performance, and assisting corporate offices to monitor the outcomes they achieve. The ACHS has developed two EQuIP Corporate Programs for Corporate Health Care Organisations:

EQuIP5 Corporate Health Services

The EQuIP5 Corporate Health Services program provides a solid framework for establishing and maintaining quality customer services and improving performances for corporate offices in the healthcare industry. The ACHS corporate program is developed in consultation with the health care industry and provides a solid framework for establishing and maintaining quality customer services, improving performance and monitoring the outcomes corporate offices achieve. 

The EQuIP5 Corporate Health Services standards are designed for organisations such as

  • Health departments
  • Administrative offices of area, district, network or cluster health services.
  • Corporate office of private health care providers.
  • Organisations involved in the administration of health community services, but not providing direct patient / consumer care (e.g. health care recruitment agencies and community service organisations).

EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services

EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services is a four-year quality assessment and improvement accreditation program for organisations such as peak bodies, colleges and associations, which provide services to member organisations. The program's aim is to assist organisations to work towards excellence in governance, in order to support and facilitate high-quality service delivery.

Although the standards of EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services are derived from those of the parent EQuIP program, their focus is distinct from those developed for organisations delivering consumer / patient care. The key components of EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services include standards that the organisation works to achieve, yearly self-assessment, and biennial onsite surveys undertaken by experienced accreditation surveyors.

The EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services standards are designed for organisations such as

  • Professional health associations
  • Industry bodies
  • Health insurance agencies
  • Member-based organisations

How can EQuIP5 Corporate Programs help your organisation?

Effective use of EQuIP5 Corporate programs will assist:

  • Integration of a culture of corporate continuous quality improvement
  • Validation of systems to identify and eradicate problems
  • Minimisation and management of corporate risks
  • Corporate customer focus and enhanced customer value
  • Corporate outcome focus
  • Development of strong corporate leadership
  • Empowerment of staff to improve service delivery and work environment
  • Overall performance improvement

For more information contact an ACHS Customer Services Manager on csm@achs.org.au or phone ACHS on 02 9281 9955.

Access to the EQuIP5 for Corporate Health Services Guide and EQuIP5 Corporate Member Services Guide requires a member log-in. 

Last Review Date 12 January 2018

EQuIP5 Corporate Health Services Standards

EQuIP5 Corporate Health Services Guide

EQuIP5 Corporate Health Services Accreditation Program Instructions

Quality Improvement can sometimes feel like more luck than anything else. Thank you for providing structure and guidelines to help with future QI programs. The whole course was fantastic and already has benefits within my department.

Dr Carl Luckhoff
- Sandringham Hospital, Alfred Health, VIC