EQuIPNational Corporate Health Service Standards

Following the implementation of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care's (ACSQHC's) National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, ACHS has designed a product for corporate services with direct oversight of healthcare facilities, which is in line with the NSQHS Standards and EQuIPNational.

EQuIPNational Corporate Health Services comprises the ten NSQHS Standards plus the additional five EQuIP-content standards, with actions deemed as not applicable to corporate services shaded out.

EQuIPNational Corporate Health Services is a comprehensive accreditation and quality improvement program that facilitates alignment between the corporate service and its health facilities, whether the facilities are accredited against the NSQHS Standards or EQuIPNational.

Corporate Services are able to select either a three year cycle or a four year cycle program, depending on their requirements to align with the health facilities they oversee.

For further information about EQuIPNational Corporate Health Services, contact ACHS Customer Services: 02 9281 9955, or email csm@achs.org.au

Click here for the EQuIPNational Corporate Health Service Standards 1 to 10

Click here for the EQuIPNational Corporate Health Service Standards 11 to 15

Last Review Date 12 January 2018

EQuIPNational Corporate Health Services Guidelines

EQuIPNational Corporate Health Service Standards

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