NSQHS Standards 2nd Edition

The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards 2nd Edition Accreditation Program 

The new National Safety and Quality Healthcare (NSQHS) Standards 2nd edition were released in November 2017 with a planned commencement date of 1 January 2019.

As an approved accreditation provider, ACHS are working with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) to be able to inform our members and surveyors of the planned changes to the scheme and to assist with the transition.

The 2nd edition of the NSQHS Standards consists of eight standards and 148 actions, compared to the first edition of 10 standards and 256 actions, however this does not mean a reduction of the Standards. The Commission has communicated that the 2nd edition Standards address gaps identified in the first edition, including mental health and cognitive impairment, health literacy, end of-life care, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

The Commission developed a mapping document of the NSQHS Standards 1st edition to the 2nd edition, which shows that 96 of the 148 actions in the second edition relates to all of the content from the first edition Standards. This mapping document is available on the Commission’s website, please click here.

There are 52 new actions in the second edition standards. A number of these were represented in EQuIPNational, however there is further new content contained in the NSQHS Standards 2nd edition that will be new to member organisations.

To assist our members and our surveyors to transition to the NSQHS Standards 2nd edition, ACHS has mapped the EQuIP-content Standards and actions to the Commission’s mapping document.

ACHS will work with all of our member organisations who will be transitioning to the NSQHS Standards 2nd edition from 1 January 2019. ACHS surveys to the NSQHS Standards first edition will continue until December 2018. 

To read more about the NSQHS Standards 2nd Edition please click here

For more information including survey requirements on the ACHS National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards programs contact a ACHS Customer Services Manager at csm@achs.org.au or phone ACHS on 02 9281 9955.

The requirements of the ACSQHC accreditation scheme are currently in the process of being finalised. ACHS will continue to keep our members informed of any updates regarding the 2nd edition Standards and the accreditation scheme, as they are advised to us. 


Last Review Date 06 June 2018

Mapping Documents

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    EQuIPNational (Standards 1-15) Against NSQHS Standards 2nd Edition

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  • pdf

    EQuIPNational(1-15) Mapped Against NSQHS Standards 2nd Edition - Action Numbers Only

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