Recent feedback on ACHS

ACHS is privileged to work with many members throughout Australia and overseas. Here is some of the feedback we have received recently.

  • “Thank you to Michael Wright and the ACHS Team for their ongoing support and encouragement in assisting Premier Care to achieve accreditation. We found the ACHS team to be friendly and supportive and of great assistance throughout the entire accreditation process.”

    Cheryl Lynn
    Premier Care


  • "This survey was one of the best that I have experienced, I really liked the change in audit style … measuring care at the bed side … all clinical areas were visited and both staff and patients engaged in the process!"

    Louise O'Riordan
    Quality Manager
    Royal Darwin Hospital


  • "On behalf of Union Hospital and Dr. Anthony Lee, Chief Hospital Manager and Medical Director, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to your organization for the successful conduct of the second OWS of ACHS accreditation in May 2014.  Staff are very thankful to ACHS surveyors for their invaluable feedback on further improvement across different domains and functions of the Hospital.

These years have been very pleasant times on our path of continuing quality improvement. The Hospital is grateful to colleagues of ACHS and ACHSI for their coaching which have given us tremendous stimulation and inspiration in the way forward.  We thank you for your support and look forward to more opportunities to collaborate with ACHS in the near future."

Dr Ares Leung
Deputy Medical Director
Union Hospital, Hong Kong

  • "Your commitment of actively involving all contributors has been an ongoing strength and the College of Surgeons has valued highly its ability to have surgeons involved in not only the governance of ACHS but also the ongoing delivery of its quality and accreditation process. This overall approach has contributed enormously to ensuring that all health professionals do highlight the importance of quality and safety in healthcare.  The challenges of quality in healthcare will always be present. It is a complex system where incredibly detailed activities are delivered to provide care to the most needy of our community. ACHS can feel rightly proud of the outstanding contribution it has made both nationally and internationally ensuring the increasing importance of quality in our training, education and ongoing activities.  We look forward to our collaboration with regards to surgical and clinical standards in the years to come."

A/Prof David Hills
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

  • "The Australian Day Surgery Council (ADSC) congratulates ACHS on achieving its 40th anniversary and acknowledges the significant contribution the Council has made to the pursuit of continuous quality improvement over the last four decades. ADSC has welcomed the opportunity to participate over the years in both the development and periodic review of the ACHS clinical indicators applicable to day surgery and we look forward to continuing the collaboration in the future."

Lucy Fisher,
Australian Day Surgery Council

  • "Pinelodge Clinic surveyed against EQuIPNational Standards and additionally the National Mental Health Standards in November 2013. This was the first time a private mental health hospital has surveyed against those two sets of Standards. Given that Pinelodge is a small specialist Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol service the development of a good working relationship with ACHS for their support and advice, has been very important. The adoption of the Standards and process of survey has helped the development of teamwork and provided a framework for service delivery. Pinelodge decided to additionally survey against the National Mental Health Standards to ensure that the consumer and carer voice was being appropriately and adequately responded to. Pinelodge values its relationship with the ACHS and its successful OWS survey because of the very positive impact on the quality and nature of services provided to patients."

Graham Cadd,
DON SJOG Pinelodge Clinic


  • "Cabrini has worked with ACHS for 35 years, but 2013 was special, with the new Australian National Safety & Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. Our survey coordinator gave us great advice and support before the survey, easing our anxiety. The survey team included a member from a past survey, giving continuity and confidence and enabling the team to quickly assess past recommendations and move to the new standards. Overall a very positive experience."

Dr Michael Walsh,
Chief Executive
Cabrini Health


  • "ACHS education programs do two things, one they clarify the extent of what is not known, and secondly they fill it."

Gary Martin
Hunter New England Health

  • ACHSI accreditation has motivated us to continuous quality improvement such as documenting official policies and guidelines which have been implemented without official documentation.  A CQI approach has kept us moving along, and does not stop after just one phase of accreditation and the culture of continuous improvement is developing with staff." 

Sr Lucy Choy,
Nursing Director
Canossa Hospital (Caritas)


  • "The beauty of the ACHS accreditation process we find is that it gives a structured approach and mechanism on how to improve according to various standards / criteria of clinical care and other functions of the hospital."

Dr Anthony Lee
CHM&MD, Union Hospital

  • "Accreditation acts as a benchmarking process as it is assessment by a third party.  It communicates to outsiders that this hospital has achieved a certain basic quality of service."

Dr Winnie Tsoi
Director of Health Maintenance Centre
Union Hospital

  •  "The ACHSI accreditation process of one of the leading ones in the healthcare industry, and there is a strong reputation for continuous improvement.  Having  previously between accredited by another internal agency, we have done the comparisons and are impressed by the opportunities  that come from ACHSI self-assessment."  

Al Hammadi Hospital

  • "One of the many positive benefit s of using a CQI approach is that it enables the whole organisation, from the top management to the grass root levels to work as a team in a continuous manner."


  • "Accreditation provides a framework which encourages and enhances teamwork and a multi-disciplinary approach to providing care.  Everyone has developed an understanding of the different roles and how they fit together to provide a high quality service.  This has improved communication and understanding across the disciplines."


  • "It was quite amazing to witness the adaptability and the understanding demonstrated by the surveyors to the local culture.  The majority of them were in Sir Lanka for the first time, yet their approach during the survey was friendly, sensitive and their willingness to share and try and understand what is different in Sri Lanka was done well."

Binushi Narangoa
Quality Co-ordinator
Hemas Hospital, Sri Lanka

  • "I have found ACHS training very useful in assisting me in reviewing workplace quality and safety systems and our organisation's preparation for accreditation." 

Helen Figg
South Western Sydney Local Health District


  • "The entire Organisational Wide Survey was well planned and executed. All three surveyors were experts in their respective domains and in addition to suggesting some imperative improvements, fortified most of our good practices. The entire survey was very educative for our Hospital."

DeepInder Singh
Head - Quality Improvement & Training
Royal Bahrain Hospital & KIMS Bahrain Medical Center


  • "It was a great survey. I am really happy with the ACHS and sing its praises to everyone. Any issues I have are dealt with promptly and professionally."

Melanie Perry
A/Quality Manager
Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Health Service 


  • "It is reassuring to see an accreditation body have such an impact on an organisation with a corresponding improvement in services to the patients/community as a result."

"The surveyors were available to assist the executive leads with the work they were doing - on a weekly basis if required, to ensure the projects were going to be as successful as they could be. It was reassuring to have that support throughout the process and encouraging knowing we were all working towards an overarching goal."

"It ensured the organisation stayed focussed on what it was achieving, had access to experts in the field - the positive feedback and support from the ACHS assessors was incredibly enriching and assisted us in knowing we were heading in the right direction."

Margot Mains
Chief Executive Officer
Northern Adelaide Local Health Network


  • "I would like to personally thank Jennifer Taylor and Sandy Thomson for their team work and their process of allowing staff to feel comfortable and able to present Northpark to them."

Liz Bogdan
Quality Manager
Northpark Private Hospital 


  • "As an ACHS surveyor, we are patient safety advocates… with the support of a strong ACHS framework, we make a difference to the safety and quality of patient care and services."

Ros Pearson
ACHS Surveyor


  • "To be a surveyor is an absolute privilege; the role enables you to visit many parts of Australia, to  observe continuous improvement in a variety of organisations as with the opportunity to assist them on their quality journey through recommendations and suggestions.  This collaborative process fosters a partnership to ensure patient care outcomes are being improved and quality systems sustained. As a health professional with over 20 years of experience the survey role also enables me to give something back and make a difference."

Sandy Thomson
ACHS Surveyor


  • "By selecting EQuIPNational, I know that I can be assured of the same rigorous process of external peer review to meet world-class standards for patient care."

Chris Robinson
St Vincent's Private Hospital, Sydney


  • "Mater Health Services Brisbane Ltd has a long history (since 1983) with ACHS and ACHS Accreditation was designed by healthcare professionals specifically for healthcare."

Lyndall Olsen
Mater Health Services Brisbane Ltd


  • "Southern NSW Local Health District has chosen to work towards accreditation under EQuIPNational as we believe that the structured framework will help us implement high quality systems and processes. As a relatively new organisation we are still bedding down many of our corporate systems and processes and therefore we see the additional five standards (11-15) as useful tools to help us focus on quality processes. We believe this will ultimately translate into improved patient care and services for our community along with being an employer of choice for our staff."

Beverley McKay
Manager Accreditation & Clinical Risk
Southern NSW Local Health District

Last Review Date 24 July 2015

Overall the service provided is of a high standard and staff and surveyors are all very helpful and friendly.

ACHS member response to survey