Becoming a Surveyor

Application Process to Become an ACHS Surveyor

ACHS is a 'not for profit' organisation dedicated to improving quality in health care. Suitably qualified professionals who meet the selection criteria may apply to become a surveyor for ACHS. The selection process of our surveyor workforce ensures that our surveyors have senior managerial experience in a health setting, and have an excellent understanding of accepted industry standards and best practice.

Click here to download a surveyor application kit which includes the following documents:

1. Surveyor Position Description
2. ACHS Surveyor Selection, Appointment and Reappointment Policy
3. Surveyor evaluations and appeals process
4. ACHS Code of Conduct
5. Surveyor Application Form

Applications are currently closed. If you have any questions, please contact the Surveyor Workforce Team at

Last Review Date 26 April 2018

Such amazing tools to assist with guiding my ongoing quality journey.

Ann Gillies
- Nambour Hospital, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, QLD