Phase 3: Submission

The organisation lodges a draft Submission Document with ACHS.

ACHS performs a technical review on the draft Submission Document and advises the organisation if there are any incomplete sections.

The organisation considers the recommendations of the technical review and develops a completed Submission Document. The organisation prepares a completed Submission Document at the organisation’s own pace. 

When the orgaisation feels they are ready to lodge a completed Submission Document, they can move to Phase 4: Assessment

For more information about phase 3, contact The Exemplar Award Team directly by +61 2 9281 9955, or email

Note: A fee is applicable to proceed to Phase 4: Assessment. ACHS will prepare a quote during phase 3 and advise the organisation. For more information, speak with The Exemplar Award Liaison Officer.

Flow Diagram - Phase 3

Last Review Date 18 October 2017

Overall the service provided is of a high standard and staff and surveyors are all very helpful and friendly.

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