Phase 4: Assessment

The completed Submission Document is assessed by an appointed team of assessors, who will utilise triangulation principals to evaluate the completed Submission Document content, using the key factors of high performance and dimensions of quality frameworks.

The assessment of the submission consists of three desktop assessments conducted by:

  • A high performance assessor (qualitative)
  • A dimensions of quality assessor (quantitative)
  • A subject matter assessor (technical)

Following the desktop assessment, a one day appraisal by an on-site verification assessor occurs, and the Assessment Team will meet for a final evaluation. 

Upon completion of the four phases, the Assessment Team will make recommendations to an ACHS panel and a decision is made for granting The Exemplar Award.

For more information about phase 4, contact The Exemplar Award Team by +61 2 9281 9955, or email

Flow Diagram - Phase 4 

Last Review Date 18 October 2017

Such amazing tools to assist with guiding my ongoing quality journey.

Ann Gillies
- Nambour Hospital, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, QLD