ACHS Golden Anniversary

Inspiring Excellence in Healthcare for 50 Years
In 2024, ACHS celebrates 50 years of dedication to improving the safety and quality of health care in Australia.

Providing leadership, expertise and support to numerous healthcare organisations and services in the provision of safer care has been central to our mission.

To honour this milestone and to capture our innovative history, we are excited to share stories from a selection of industry leaders. Throughout the year, we will release new videos that will showcase our commitment, influence and vision for a safer standard of care in Australia and around the world.

Journey back to where it all began


ACHS was established in Sydney, Australia


Principles of Quality Patient Care in Hospitals


Geelong Hospital was the first hospital accredited


Accreditation Guide, 1st Edition was introduced


The first ACHS Medal was awarded to Dr Lionel Wilson


ACHS Clinical Indicator Program was established

Continuously inspire excellence in healthcare


Evaluation & Quality Improvement Program


Introduction of the ACHS Quality Improvement Awards


ACHS received accreditation from ISQua


Establishment of ACHS International


Began accrediting HCOs to the Commission's NSQHS Standards


The ACHS Improvement Academy was launched

Our most recent achievements and milestones


Expanded our accreditation services to Rainbow Tick, NSQPCH, NSQDMH Standards and more


Launched Metrik, a new system that helps organisations track, analyse and benchmark data

& Beyond

Stay tuned for more updates on our innovations to improve safety and quality in healthcare

It's wonderful to be celebrating 50 years of ACHS, the achievements, the impact and the improvements that have occurred. Half a century later those that foresaw what ACHS could do, and has done, were truly remarkable, and their vision lives on making a difference.

Professor Len Notaras AO, ACHS President

Want to share an inspiring story?

If you have an inspiring experience or memory of ACHS from the last 50 years, then we would love to hear from you. Contact us below via email.