The ACHS, a company limited by guarantee, is governed by a Board of elected and appointed Directors, and supported by a corporate management structure.
The Board is responsible for the direction of ACHS, and provides a report on performance at the ACHS Annual General Meeting.

The Chief Executive Officer and the Executive team are responsible for the organisation’s day-to-day management and the Board reviews and approves ACHS’s strategic plan and guiding policies. The Board maintains an overview of operations through regular meetings and by consulting with major stakeholders.

ACHS Council

The ACHS Council is made up of representatives from a broad range of peak health bodies from around Australia. Click here to view our list of Councillors.


The amended ACHS Constitution was unanimously adopted by the ACHS Council in November 2023


  1. Member Elected Director
  2. Board Appointed Director
  3. Council Membership
  4. Council Meetings
  5. Composition Requirements

ACHS Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025

The new ACHS Strategic Plan 2022-2025 outlines a three-year program to ensure ACHS continues as a strategic leader in quality and safety in health care.  Our strategic directions build on ACHS’s longstanding history of Inspiring Excellence in Healthcare.

Annual Report

Each year the ACHS publishes an Annual Report at the end of November on its activity for the preceding financial year. Click here to view Annual Report FY 2022-2023

Code of Conduct

The ACHS Code of Conduct was updated in 2023.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

The ACHS CSR Policy outlines our duty as an organisation to act for the benefit of society.