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We help organisations submit a range of data to our Clinical Indicator Program (CIP), via our Performance Indicator Reporting Tool (PIRT). Every year, ACHS then summarises and benchmarks all data in our Australasian Clinical Indicator Report (ACIR).

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The Clinical Indicator Program

Our popular Clinical Indicator Program (CIP) is the world’s largest dedicated clinical indicator data collection and reporting service. It was established in 1989 and its aim was to give ACHS members a consistent and valuable way of measuring, benchmarking, and tracking their performance. Today, more than 600 healthcare organisations from 22 specialty medical disciplines regularly submit their data to the program.

The Performance Indicator Reporting Tool

Organisations that participate in the CIP submit their data every six months via an online interface – the Performance Indicator Reporting Tool (PIRT). The data is analysed, and results are provided in the form of general and peer-comparative reports. Healthcare organisations also get an annual analysis of their clinical indicator results, trended over several years.

The reporting deadlines for data submissions are 20th February and 20th August each year.

Australasian Clinical Indicator Report

Every year, ACHS releases this report, which examines data sourced from a broad range of clinical specialty areas in healthcare. It summarises the clinical indicator data that is submitted to the CIP for the past eight years, and highlights significant trends and variations in the data over time. It includes commentary from collaborating specialist colleges, associations, societies and other clinical organisations, which provides context for the trends and variations that are observed in the data.

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Education Options

Here are two ways to get started:


CIP Training

Get an in-depth understanding of the different types of reports available, and the statistical methods that we use to collate data and reports. You will also learn how to use the online PIRT to select relevant clinical indicators, upload your organisation’s data and run reports.


CIP Health Check

There are several different ways that the CIP can work for you. This service, conducted by the experts at ACHS, allows you to fine-tune your subscription and ensure it is optimised for your healthcare organisation. Plus, it’s a chance to ensure you’re selecting the right clinical indicators, ask key questions, and more.