Healthcare Consulting

ACHS is more than an accreditation provider, we are your partner in healthcare safety, quality, and outcomes improvement.

Through ACHS Consulting, we support both public and private healthcare providers across Australia address complex operational, management, and quality challenges to better serve the needs of their patients, staff, and communities.

During our long history of almost 50 years assisting healthcare organisations with ongoing improvement, we have developed an extensive network of experts and industry experience to partner with you to help meet your goals and vision.

How can ACHS Consulting help you?

Readiness & Maintenance

Readiness & Maintenance

We offer the following services to help you address various requirements:

  • Gap Analysis – this focused, onsite engagement reviews certain aspects of a standard or framework across or within a portion of your organisation to identify areas for improvement
  • Readiness Diagnostic – this comprehensive, holistic onsite review determines your organisation-wide readiness to meet a selected standard or framework
  • Short Notice Transition – prepare your organisation for short notice based assessments and implement procedures for everyday safety and quality readiness
  • Roadmap Implementation – following a Gap Analysis or Readiness Diagnostic, we work with you to create a roadmap and provide support in implementing changes to meet identified findings
  • Momentum – we work with you to provide support at selected intervals and intensity to maintain momentum and build a culture of continuous improvement.

Operations Improvement

Operations Improvement

We offer the following services to help you address your operational and business improvement needs:

  • Risk Management – we support your organisation implement and mature risk management systems, frameworks, and process to support safe delivery of care
  • Clinical Governance – we work with you to develop clinical governance systems specific to your organisation and then assist in implementation and change management
  • Performance Data Analysis – we help extract practical and useful insights from your data to identify trends and areas of improvement
  • Policies & Procedures – we support your teams in reviewing, developing, and updating policies and procedures to meet business requirements
  • Quality Improvement Systems – a holistic quality improvement system is essential to supporting your organisations overall quality activities so we assist you in ensuring your framework and processes are working to their best ability
  • Commissioning – are you commissioning a new building, service or department? Our experts can assist you to ensure that safety and quality processes are ‘built into’ the service before it starts operations and seeing any patients.

Want to learn more?

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