ACHS Medal

Recognising outstanding achievements in healthcare.

Nomination and applications for the 2022 ACHS Medal are now closed. Winner will be announced at the end of November. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay tuned!

About the ACHS Medal

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) Medal was inaugurated in 1984 and is the organisation's highest award. It recognises an individual for outstanding contribution to improving quality and safety in Australian health services in a manner consistent with the mission and values of the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

*This award recognises major achievements to quality and safety in Australia, for more information about international recognitions, please visit the ACHS International website

Distinguished leadership in quality practices

Outstanding achievement in research into quality and safety of health systems

Outstanding achievement in maintain a continuous quality improvement focus in healthcare delivery systems

Outstanding achievement in the promotion of quality in health care

By awarding the medal, we are putting a spotlight on the individual’s achievements, as well as the importance of quality and safety.

Dr Karen Luxford, ACHS CEO

ACHS Medal 2021 Winner

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) awarded its prestigious ACHS Medal 2021 to Ms Christine Gee, CEO of Toowong Private Hospital (QLD), in late November 2021.