QI Awards

Thank you to all participants for entering the 26th ACHS Annual Quality Improvement Awards.

Our judging panel is currently reviewing submissions, and the winners will be announced at the upcoming ACHS Annual Awards Ceremony 2023.

The QI Awards are an annual recognition of achievement and encouragement for quality improvement activities, programs or strategies that have been implemented into healthcare organisations. The Awards provide an opportunity to share patient-focused innovation and communicate their quality improvement achievements to the healthcare industry.

Introduced in 1998, the QI Awards acknowledge healthcare organisations that achieve excellence and innovation in clinical care, organisation-wide practice, service delivery and performance measurement.

Judging panel consists of an ACHS Councillor, an ACHS assessor and a representative from an ACHS member organisation. Judging is conducted externally with separate panels of three judges for each of the three QI Awards categories:

Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety

The Clinical Excellence and Patient Safety Award recognises innovation and demonstrated quality improvement in the delivery of safe, effective consumer / patient care.

Previous winning submissions in this category have included:

  • The introduction of an improved hospital-wide medication safety system
  • The implementation of a system to better manage dialysis access
  • A system to reduce the waiting time in an Emergency Department

Non-clinical Service Delivery

The Non-Clinical Service Delivery Award acknowledges a demonstrated outcome in improvement and innovation to patient / consumer services and organisation-wide practice including services provided by community and allied health.

Previous winning submissions in this category have included:

  • Building capacity and skill for healthcare communication
  • The introduction of a hospital-wide, integrated human resource, education and training system
  • A volunteer-supported laundry to assist palliative care patients

Healthcare Measurement

This category recognises organisations which have measured an aspect of clinical management and/or outcome of care, taken appropriate action in response to that measurement, and demonstrated improved consumer / patient care and organisational performance upon further measurement.

Previous winning submissions in this category have included:

  • Sustaining Improvements in Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Nutrition Outcomes
  • Taking staff influenza vaccination rates to a record level
  • Development of an integrated performance management system  

Previous Winners

Information on past QI Awards winners, highly commended and all other submissions can be found by clicking on the links below to the Quality Initiatives publication.

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For further information on the QI Awards, please email qi.award@achs.org.au or phone +61 (0)2 8218 2766.