What we do

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to improving the quality of health care in Australia through continual review of performance, assessment and accreditation. 

Established in 1974, after many years of pioneering work from a range of health care professionals including members of the Australian Medical Association, medical colleges and the Australian Hospital (now Healthcare) Association, the ACHS has maintained its position as the principal independent authority on the measurement and implementation of quality improvement systems for Australian health care organisations. 

Standards for evaluation, assessment and accreditation are determined by a committee drawn from peak bodies in health, representatives of government and consumers. 

Our organisation is governed by a Board of directors  elected by Council members  and supported by a corporate management structure which oversees the process of evaluation and assessment by professionally qualified surveyors. 

The ACHS Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP) was launched in 1996 providing health care organisations with a framework to deliver a consumer-centred service focusing on the continuum of care by incorporating systematic external peer review. 

Over 1,450 member health care organisations, representing more than 1,500 individual organisations, are members of ACHS quality improvement programs. 

The ACHS is regularly consulted by other countries in relation to standards development, accreditation systems and clinical indicators and hosts international delegations. 


Last Review Date 18 May 2021

We have developed a very good working relationship with ACHS and the team on the whole are very engaged and responsive to our requirements.

ACHS member response to survey