1H2021 Data Submission

The data for the first half of 2021 is due on 20 August 2021. The 1H2021 reporting period is now open in PIRT. If you foresee any issues with submitting on time, please contact the POS team as soon as possible to find out your options.

Please note that Rehabilitation Medicineand Gynaecologyare the new indicator sets for reporting this period. They both have some new indicators, so please review them prior to data entry.

Aside from making sure your Organisation details and Clinical Indicator selections are up to date, please do not forget to check that you have selected the appropriate Peer Group Stratification variables. This will ensure that your organisation is grouped correctly for the purpose of comparative reporting. For more information about Stratifications, click here.

For your convenience, we have made available Empty Booklets which you can use to pre-fill and check for accuracy prior to entering the data in PIRT. The 2021 booklets are available here.