ACHS undergoes IEEA accreditation

Experiencing accreditation ourselves - just as our members do.

As a fully-accredited accreditor, ACHS clearly understands what our members experience every time they undergo accreditation. 

It is a requirement that we are accredited every four-years to the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)’s External Evaluation Association (EEA)’s Standards for External Evaluation Organisations (5th edition), to be able to offer accreditation services to our members.

“The anticipation and build-up to survey week is par for the course, and we have a similar experience to that of our members when they are assessed,” said Dr Karen Luxford, CEO.

“Undergoing a survey (as ISQua-EEA refers to assessment) is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how we meet the Standards that guide us, and to understanding where we can improve.”

Early feedback given to ACHS at the summation meeting by international surveyors in the first week of February was outstanding.

“The IEEA surveyors led by Mr Ed Chappy were enthusiastic and they commended us on the significant work we have done around each Standard over recent years,” Dr Luxford said.

“We were delighted with their feedback and look forward to receiving the full report in the coming months.  Congratulations to all ACHS staff on their marvellous work.”