CI Review and Development Updates

In the first half of 2022, several developments in the review of the following Clinical Indicator sets are expected.

  • Oral Health: The Working Party have met for the update of this set. We are finalising the manual shortly before wider circulation and comment. Once we have received the returned commentary, we are hoping to have the update completed by June 2022.
  • Medication Safety: Work is currently ongoing to update the Medication Safety clinical indicators in light of the publication of the polypharmacy QUM indicators and resources, developed by NSW TAG and NSW Health. This draft is currently being finalised. 
  • Maternity: This set will be reviewed mid in 2022. It has unfortunately been delayed multiple times due to scheduling and COVID-19. 
  • Radiology & Radiation Oncology: These two set updates will be run in tandem, and this will occur in the first half of 2022. 

POS would like to thank the contributions of Dr Brian Collopy, Clinical Advisor, Dr Janney Wale, Consumer Representative, and Mr Stephen Hancock, HSRG Statistician, in all projects mentioned above.